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    Was very impressed with the quickness of your services I was contacted straight away after being sent the email. Sami Jones - 27 Aug 2014

  • 5 étoiles

    Very comprehensive list of tradespeople in my locality. Profiles very helpful in choosing short list. Would recommend this method of finding suitable people for specific job requirements. Peter Best - 28 Aug 2014

  • 5 étoiles

    Excellent service. They supplied me with a choice of several firms who could do my work. Thanks very much. Your service was effective, and to my mind, could not be improved. Sally Cox - 04 Sept 2014

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Why Use ServiceMagic?

Every year, thousands of people need to find a tradesman that they can trust. They may be about to build an extension, lay a new floor, convert an attic into a bedroom or renovate an entire building. In these instances, most people wish to know how to contact the best local tradesmen and builders and secure their services. They want to be able to get in touch with a trusted tradesman who will make a great job of their vital home improvements and renovations. That's precisely where we come in.

How to Find Trusted Local Tradesman

Very often, homeowners have no way of knowing which local tradesmen to trust. Who is the best in terms of reliability, cost and great results? Which tradesman is receiving the best reviews within the local community? Having this information would make it tremendously easy to find local tradesmen that truly deliver, wouldn't it? That's exactly why we created ServiceMagic.

Whenever you need to find local tradesmen, whether they are in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can rely on ServiceMagic to find a good tradesman who will meet your precise requirements every time. We know better than anyone how to find a tradesman, someone who will prove to be just the perfect person for your home renovation, home repair, home maintenance, doors, windows or other building project.

Choose Us For Your Home Renovations

You can always trust a trader thanks to us. We'll find outstanding local tradesmen, which could mean recommending the ideal home builder for you, sourcing local builders who are simply superb at homebuilding, tracking down a host of expert renovation builders, finding tradesmen who can carry out excellent home improvement repairs and home repair services, as well as those who will take great pride in renovating a home in just the way you have always dreamed of.

A Great Network of Local Builders

Our unparalleled network of talented service providers means that we can find you trusted local tradesmen whenever and wherever you need one. This means more than just plumbers or builders, as essential as they are. You may also need to find some construction contractors, a first-class conversion specialist or a remarkable project expert. You might want reliable local builders, a team of superb specialist tradesmen, skilled renovation builders, flooring fitters, or various other highly trusted local tradesmen. You can rely on ServiceMagic to find you recommended local tradesmen who know how to carry out all the jobs that you need doing, plus who know how to keep your build cost down and even how to oversee an entire, fantastic building project for you.

ServiceMagic - Servicing All Your Building Project Needs

Next time that you need to find a tradesman, just use ServiceMagic. We will find a local tradesman for your all-important building project. Moreover, we offer extremely handy local tradesmen reviews and we let you rate local tradesmen just the way you think they deserve – we're a one stop shop for your home improvement project, exactly what you need when you are renovating your home.