Architect shares home improvement tips

Architect - Residential

An award-winning architect has provided those considering making some home improvements with some advice on what to aim for when renovating their property.

Carlton Abbot told the Daily Press that one of the key principles to bear in mind when undertaking house refurbishment is simplicity.

"Think practically about every room … Don't clutter up your plan or waste your money with extraneous spaces you don't need and won't use," he said.

The expert also recommended considering how big properties need to be and to try to "borrow space" by using louvered openings, wider doorways and half walls.

Indeed, Lolade Ajai of recently noted that an open plan home can feel less restricted than traditional properties.

Mr Abbott recommended trying to let as much light as possible into the property, something that might be achieved with skylights.

He concluded by saying that it is important to think about the future use of the property - for example it might be a good idea to start home improvements that will make the house easier to live in once residents start to get older.

By Jenny Turner

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