Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

This plumbing question was answered by Dean Boterill of Virginia Plumbing.

Bathroom tile designsQ: I’m re-designing my bathroom – what do I need to consider when it comes to bathroom tile designs?

A:   tiles are a popular choice for the bathroom due to their waterproof and hygienic nature. You can use both floor and wall tiles for bathrooms in order to create a beautiful yet functional space. I would say the bigger the tile the better, as they tend to give the bathroom a brighter and more spacious feel.  I would also suggest using light colours and adding a border to break up the design.

What are the benefits of bathroom tiles?

Tiles are waterproof, which is obviously a big advantage in a bathroom. On top of that they are also easy to clean and don’t harbour germs, making them a hygienic choice.  In addition, there are many different types of bathroom tiles to choose from, from small mosaics to large slate slabs. When it comes to bathroom tile remodeling, you are sure to find something to suit your personal style and your budget.

What are the most popular bathroom tile design ideas?

Pebble style bathroom tilesMany people opt for clean, simple designs with medium to large size tiles. This creates a minimalistic space which can be enhanced with other features such as window blinds or a decorative mirror. If you’re looking for more original bathroom tiling ideas why not consider mosaic tiles? You can create an interesting bathroom tile pattern from mosaics that not only looks great but remains functional.

Another interesting idea would be to create a tile mural. Using tiles you can create a landscape or even replicate a famous painting. You may need to hire a specialist for this job, which could increase the overall cost of the project. It would be worth your time ringing around several local companies to see if they offer this service and to also find out the extra costs you would incur.

What about bathroom tiling ideas for small bathrooms?

Green bathroom tilesChoose light coloured tiles for small bathrooms, such as beige, cream or sand. Dark tiles tend to make spaces appear smaller than they really are, whereas lighter tones make rooms appear larger than they really are. So be sure to opt for muted, pastel shades in order to maximise space in your small bathroom.

Other small bathroom tiling ideas include choosing a different tile for your bath or shower area, this will help to separate your bathroom into distinct areas without making the space seem too small.

How much does bathroom tiling cost?

It depends on whether or not you want to supply the tiles yourself, but labour costs can vary from £25 to £80 per sq meter. This will vary depending on which area of the country you live in, but it is still worth ringing around and getting several quotes.

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