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This question has been answered by Ian Wilkins of IWA Surveying and Planning in Kent.

Bungalow Extension IdeasQ: I want to extend my bungalow, what should I consider first?

A: Look at the structure of the roof, a chalet bungalow is always a great idea. However if it’s a low level structure any extensions should be sympathetic to the original design of the building. Here are some other things to think about when planning a bungalow extension.


Bungalows: Making the Most of Them

A bungalow is a great purchase, as it offers endless possibilities to add value, most notably by extending. Often bungalows are situated in large plots, meaning extending outwards is always an option. Or there is always the possibility of extending upwards by converting the loft. Both methods have their merits, but it’s about deciding what is most suitable for your lifestyle.

What is a Bungalow Extension?

A bungalow extension can either go outward or upwards, depending on your needs and the space available. Many people buy bungalows for this very reason, extending is a great way of increasing the value of the property and could work out cheaper than buying a bigger home to start with.

Bungalow Extension Ideas

There are various sorts of bungalow extension designs, whether you want to extend upwards or outwards:

Extending Upwards

Converting the loft is usually the least expensive and quickest way to extend a bungalow. Most bungalows have substantial attic space, providing more than enough room for a large bedroom with en suite bathroom. However, bear in mind that you may put potential buyers off if the bedroom is placed upstairs. Many people looking to buy bungalows will be elderly, so part of the attraction of a bungalow is eliminating the stairs.

Extending Outwards

Extending your bungalow outwards is a great idea if you have a large enough plot. However, it will probably cost more money and take a bit more time. If you’re extending outwards you have scope to add more than one room.

Bungalow Extension Designs

You can view all manner of bungalow extension plans online, but it’s best to talk to your architect about exactly what you want and how much you can afford to spend. A professional home extension company will be able to draw up plans that fit your requirements.

Bungalow Extension Building Regulations

Extensions are permitted developments, provided that you meet conditions set by the planning department.  For all home extensions, you must still get building regulation approval. As an example, the following projects would need building regulation approval:

  • Home extensions such as for a kitchen or bathroom
  • Loft conversions – internal structural alterations, such as the removal of a load-bearing wall.
  • Installing baths, showers which will involve drainage or waste plumbing.
  • Installing new heating appliances.
  • New chimneys.

How Much will a Bungalow Extension Cost?

Extending a bungalow can cost between £900 and £2,000 per square meter, this hugely varies depending on where you live, the type of materials you are using and the scale of the project. For a more detailed quote contact some local builders in your area.

Vinny says:

We want to make the kitchen bigger by taking out the side door and window and install a new roof in place of the corrugated plastic one that is there now with a roof light. What are the procedures and is this possible in south godstone.

mjackson says:

Hi Vinny,

Please complete our online Home extension form in order to be contacted by up to 4 builders who will be able to advise further as well as offer a free quote on any work you need doing.

We hope this helps.


Mark Hurley says:

how much would it cost to turn our attic into a bedroom.its a bungalow house 2 bedrooms would like to turn attic into nice little bedroom what would this cost roughly.

mjackson says:

Hi Mark,

Prices can vary however , as a rough guide you could be looking at anywhere from £12,000 to £31,000.

Should wish to receive up to 4 free quotes from contractors local to you, please complete our online loft conversion form.

Once processed the contractors will contact you directly.

Thanks for your post.

Mark @ Servicemagic

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