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Christmas can be a stressful time for many homeowners; what with sorting out all your gifts and wrapping presents, ordering in the food and tidying the house ready for guests and relatives, you might find that there’s little time to really take control of the Christmas decorations and make your home as festive and exciting as it can possibly be. And year-on-year, you probably notice that the same old decorative tricks are starting to look a bit tired and dated; isn’t it time for something fresh and new? But can this really be achieved (at the last minute, no less) without all the extra work.

Cheap and Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

Well, to help you get your home ready for the big day we’ve compiled a list of some cheap and easy decoration ideas that can really make all the difference to the ambience of a room. Most won’t take more than an afternoon to sort out, and many can be put together from existing materials in your home. So if you want some quick tips on how to decorate your house for Christmas, why not take a brief glance at the following for some traditional or wacky inspiration – whatever your preference!

  • First of all, it’s worth noting that if you want to go for some kind of coherent theme throughout your home, try to fit all the following Christmas decor ideas around a single colour theme or style. It helps add focus and make things seem neater while not detracting from the general festive atmosphere. Plus it allows you to work with what you’ve got and save a bit of extra cash here and there – which, even with Christmas decorations, is never a bad thing!

Remember, for the best results, choose from around three to six of the following ideas, and make sure they are compatible with your interior décor before getting started on the preparation. Too many of the decorations in a single room might prove to be a little claustrophobic – so spread things out and make the most of all the space you have!

  • Christmas Decorating IdeasFirstly, go with the obvious – hang Christmas cards in pride of place on the doors and walls of your home. Some think it looks tacky, but for many it adds a personal touch that doesn’t come with pre-packed decorations – plus it can still be done neatly if you take the time to do hang them properly!
  • Candles in old spirit or wine bottles provide a suitably atmospheric glow for the big day too – just remember to keep them in fire-proof areas and don’t leave them unattended. The flickering light offers a cosy and elegant display you don’t get with electric lights. If you want to stick with traditional lights, get some ideas for indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting.
  • Why not venture outdoors and bring the outside in this winter too? Outdoor decorations for Christmas can really spice up a room or area, whether you’re simply spray-painting pine cones with gold or glitter and putting them around the home, or putting holly, twigs, cranberries or other festive greenery in vases placed strategically from room to room!
  • Candy-canes in small cups or vases can also look fun, and they make a great treat for kids on Christmas morning.
  • Tying ribbon around cushions in the living room and elsewhere can add a ‘gift-like’ effect to your furniture; you can even put bows around lampshades if you really want to show off your ribbon-tying skills!
  • Make sure your tree looks great with some unique decorations – get some ideas and inspiration for quirky Christmas tree decorations.
  • Christmas-theme paper chains are a fun and cheap way of getting the kids rooms decorated without having to fork out extra cash on decorations. It gets them involved and keeps them busy over the school holidays, and using something like old or unused wrapping paper can still make them more elegant than your average home-made decoration.
  • If paper-chains aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other Christmas hanging decorations you can choose from; indoor lanterns recall Santa’s workshop and look great hanging from windows or around picture-frames, while mistletoe or baubles hanging along a fireplace or mantelpiece can prove to be surprisingly elegant without being garish or too obvious.
  • Finally, if you’re into more old fashioned Christmas decorations, why not purchase an advent candle, or even a paper one that hangs around the Christmas tree? They might not be bold and adventurous but they bring the family together in way only Christmas can – and a hundred years on, they are still proving as popular as ever.

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