Boiler Replacement Cost Guide

Boiler replacement costsIf you are planning to repair, replace or upgrade your boiler, because the old boiler has broken down or you’re moving into a new house, for example, our boiler replacement cost guide will provide valuable information about central heating boiler prices for different types of boilers, including condensing boilers, Intergas boilers, oil boilers, Ecogen boilers, and central heating boilers.

Our guide will also help you choose a replacement boiler, the cost to replace a boiler, how to hire a boiler engineer, and it will also help you understand more about grants, rules and regulations.

Choosing a replacement boiler choosing a new boiler and trying to calculate the cost to replace boiler systems, you’ll first of all have to consider:

1) Whether to choose a regular system boiler or a combi boiler – Regular system boilers have a separate cylinder to store hot water in and are good for households with extensive hot water needs. For smaller homes with only one bathroom or less extensive hot water needs, a combi boiler may be a better choice. The combi boiler heats water on demand, which can reduce your energy bills, plus it doesn’t have a hot water tank so it can fit into smaller spaces.

2) Which fuel to use – this will likely be determined by where you live and which fuel you already heat with. Gas is the most popular heating fuel in the UK; used by 69% of homes, says the Department of Energy and Climate Change. According to Which? gas is also the cheapest fuel to heat with. Oil and electric boilers are more expensive all-round but are good options if you live off the gas mains.

3) Which brand of boiler you choose – there are many well-known boiler brands to choose from such as Vaillant, Baxi, Intergas and Ecogen. Shop around to find the right boiler for your property.

Condensing boiler prices

Under section L of UK boiler regulations, all new boilers must be condensing models, which are up to 25% more efficient than non-condensing boilers. This should positively impact on your bills to and according to Energy Saving Trust UK boiler replacement can save as much as £310 per year.

Condensing boilers recover more heat from waste gases, making them cheaper to run and more eco-friendly. There are some rare instances where you may not be able to install a condensing boiler, for example if it can’t be positioned safely, even with the aid of an extended flue. If this is the case, an engineer will provide you with a certificate to prove this and you will be able to install a non-condensing model instead. Prices for condensing boilers will vary depending on size and make; here are some example costs:

  • A gas Ideal Logic Code combi condensing boiler costs £1,250

  • A Grant Vortex wall hung external oil condensing boiler costs £1,500

Get more information on condensing boiler prices.

Intergas boiler prices

If you’re looking for a replacement combi boiler, Intergas makes high-efficiency condensing boilers which are great for the environment and will save you money on your fuel bills over time. Costs vary, for example:

  • A combi compact HRE model costs between £704.09 and £855.29 depending on size

Get more information on Intergas boiler prices.

Oil boiler prices

If you live in a rural area that isn’t on the gas or electric mains you may need to install a replacement oil boiler. There are a wide range of oil boilers and to choose from; select one that’s the right size for your home’s heating and hot water needs. Some examples of oil condensing boiler prices for can be found below:

  • A Worcester Greenstar Carway external system oil boiler will cost £2,100
  • A Grant Vortex Pro External combi oil boiler costs £2,310
  • According to Which? it will cost around £1,100 a year to run an oil boiler (based on heating and hot water for a three-bed, semi-detached, well-insulated home)

Get more oil boiler prices.

Electric boiler running costs

Even though it’s cheaper to run a gas boiler; with the cost of gas set to rise considerably, installing an electric boiler may be a good option if you wanted to look into oil boiler replacement, for example:

  • A replacement electric boiler will cost from around £500 depending on what make and size you choose
  • Which? estimates that an electric boiler will cost around £1,600 a year to run

Get more information on electric boiler running costs.

Ecogen boiler prices

Baxi Ecogen boilers provide gas central heating and hot water as well as providing your home with electricity as a bi-product. This can cut your yearly fuel bills by £600 and your carbon emissions by around 40%. Baxi Ecogen boilers come in different sizes and cost more than your average boiler; although they will save you more off your fuel bills compared to regular boilers. A Baxi Ecogen costs:

  • £8,781.48 from
  • £7,127,82 from

Get more information on Ecogen boiler prices.

Boiler repair costs

In certain instances, it can be cheaper to repair a boiler rather than replace it completely. However, always seek advice from a qualified boiler engineer to establish whether you need to repair or replace. Taking out boiler insurance may be a good idea to cover the cost of any unexpected repairs; without insurance you will often pay a higher repair fee.

  • Annual boiler repair insurance costs between £156 and £324 from British Gas
  • Other boiler repair costs will vary depending on the problem, the area you live in and the type of boiler you have. You are likely to have to pay expensive emergency call-out fees (especially in winter), plus hourly rates. Always get at least three quotes before you hire a boiler engineer to carry out repair work

Get more information about boiler repair costs.

Central heating boiler prices

Opt for either a system or combi boiler to provide central heating and hot water for your home. The price of central heating boilers will vary depending on what area you live in, the size of your home and whether you need radiators/a heating distribution system installed too.

  • A heat only Potterton Promax 30  HE Plus boiler costs £850

Get more central heating boiler prices.

Hiring a boiler engineer

When you are replacing a boiler, always make sure you hire a qualified engineer as this is essential for safety purposes. Choose the right type of engineer to install your boiler:

  • Gas boiler replacement – by law anyone who replaces, repairs or services gas boilers needs to be Gas Safe registered.

  • Electric boiler replacement – hire a qualified electrician who can comply with British Standards 7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations

  • Oil boiler replacement – ideally, hire a member of OFTEC, the Oil Firing Technical Association.  The will able to give you an estimate of the oil boiler replacement cost and timescale.

  • Solid fuel burning boilers – hire a HETAS registered engineer to replace your boiler.

Contact one of our trusted tradesmen to be able to learn more about boiler replacement costs.

Boiler replacement grants

Spend less money on replacing your boiler: you could receive a boiler replacement grant through one of the following schemes:

  • The Scottish boiler scrappage scheme – receive £400 off the cost of replacing your old boiler with a new energy saving recommended model if you live in Scotland

  • The Green Deal – The cost of boiler replacement can be spread and supported under the government’s Green Deal which replaced the old Warm Front scheme in 2013.

  • Warm Homes scheme – a scheme that subsidises the average cost of boiler replacement for residents in Northern Ireland

  • The Fuel Poverty scheme – for Welsh residents

  • Energy supplier grants – energy suppliers are obliged under Carbon Emission Reduction Target guidelines to provide grants for boiler replacement to vulnerable customers

  • Local government grants – check with your local authority to see if you’re eligible for a grant towards the cost of replacing your boiler.

Boiler replacement rules and regulations

When replacing your boiler it’s essential that you comply with UK installation laws for energy efficiency purposes and to keep your home safe:

  • Planning permission – you’ll only need planning permission when replacing your boiler if the work involves fitting a flue outside of your home

  • Building regulations – require all new boilers to be rated A or 88% efficient on the SEDBUK scale

  • Heating controls must be installed when replacing your boiler. Heating controls can save you £55 and 280kg of CO2 per year, says the Energy Saving Trust

Get more information on boiler regulations.

Find Local Boiler Replacement Services

Should you wish to learn more about central heating boiler replacement and the typical boiler replacement cost please do not hesitate to use our superb network of trusted tradesmen. Contact a boiler replacement expert through ServiceMagic and you can soon start enjoying a warm home for less.

margaret chicken says:

13 radiators+
kitchen +
and three storey house
approx cost please
regards M Chicken

ablyth says:

Hi Margaret, to get a quote for your boiler/central heating project, please fill in this form and a qualified engineer in your local area will be in touch to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

christine martin says:

hi there. happy new year to you all. please can you help me. i had a new oil filled central heating boiler installed thru a government grant 2 years ago. it is costing me a fortune. i cannot afford to run it so am currently freezing. i am 72 years old this year and need heat. i phoned the boiler manufacturer and they could not assist as i do not currently have a maintenance contract with them. the installer no longer exists(!)
the problem is, in the last 4 weeks it has used 1,000 litres of oil. the boiler fires roughly every 6-10 minutes. i only have the room stat at no. 3 which indicates a room temp of 15-17 degs. the rads upstairs are turned off or down. the boiler serves 9 double rads. the oil tank is double alarmed and locked inside and out and the oil supply pipes are in tact, and the whole outside installation is covered by cctv, so i know the oil is not being stolen. i now refuse to keep spending £20 every day to put some oil in as it eats it all up overnight. oh i dearly wish i had my solid fuel system back. can someone please contact me as i am at my wits end over this and have no idea what else to do. i am so very cold.

ablyth says:

Hi Christine, please call the Energy Saving Trust on: 0300 123 1234, they will be able to tell you what help is available in your area. You can also contact AgeUk on: 0800 169 6565 for free advice about your situation. I hope you get things sorted soon.

marie says:

My mum needs a new gas boiler , she lives in a private house , she is 85 and cannot afford a lot of money. She is not on any benefits at all , i wondered if there is any help she can get towards payment for a new boiler because of her age .

sdeshmukh says:

Hi Marie, please call the Energy Saving Trust on: 0300 123 1234 and they can tell you if you are eligible of any type of grant or not.

Michelle Evers says:

Please can anyone help me I am a home owner trying to work and manage my bills alone my windows are rotten old sash windows huge gaps all through rotten wood been in sinse 1901 . I have spent 22 years struggling in freezing cold as my boiler is over 30 yrs old my heating costs are upto 80 pounds a week and im at work all day so heatvonly on when I M home. I can no longer afford to heat my home I work and am alone and not entitled to any benefits please does anyone know of any guaranteed help loan grant available to a desperate home owner not of benefits who desperately needs double glazing and boiler replace ment. Am so desperate

mjackson says:

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your post.

Most grants are only available for people who are in receipt of benefits so you may want to think about speaking to one of the major energy providers who can discuss signing you up to a contract whereby you pay a monthly fee rather than a lump sum to have any work done.

Failing that we recommend taking a look at the Energy Saving trust website for further information on any grants that you may be eligible for.

we do hope that this information helps.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

Andrew winnington says:

I am not sure how old my boiler is as I’ve only been living in the house 7 years. I also have a daughter with a disability and receives dla. Am I entitled to a new boiler

mjackson says:

Hi Andrew,

Our contractors will only be able to advise and quote on private jobs therefore we recommend speaking to your local council who will be able to provide further advice on any grants available.

We hope this helps.

Mark @ Servicemagic

james says:

Hi i have a back boiler with an unsightly fire – i want to replace it with a combi boiler in the bathroom to service a central heating system with five radiators and add one radiator to the lounge.

I’ve had three people round – BG quoted me £4100, another person with loads of extremely good reviews on checkatrade and rated people has quoted me £4400 (tbh I thought he was very thorough and trustworthy when he came round) while another who is a bit of a `rough diamond` installed my gas cooker when i had the kitchen done – yet because there was a 2mb drop between the fire and the old cooker feed charged me in time and labour over £200. His quote is for 3k. Yet I feel slightly that the quote isn’t quite complete – ie no power flushing.

I have the money, all the quotes are for Vaillant, all are gas safe and corgi registered.

It’s a quandary as although I realise that these things cost money – but 40% more!

mjackson says:

Hi James,

Thanks for your post.

I would suggest taking a look at our ”Central Heating Costs Guide: How Much Do New Central Heating Systems Cost?” article which will give you rough prices that you can compare to quotes you have received.

You can also request up to 4 free quotes from local contractors by visiting the Servicemagic website, searching for Central heating and filling in the form.

Any contractors we match you to will contact you directly in order to arrange their quotes.

I hope this helps.

Mark @ Servicemagic

Jane devein says:

I had an ideal condensing boiler fitted 8 years ago on a grant. The system is now over flowing and the insurance company won’t fix it as it comes over their £1000 repair limit. They are saying that the company who installed it on the grant fitted a boiler not efficient enough for the property. The insurance company cancelled the policy and the company who installed the boiler are not interested. Would we be entitled to a new boiler on a grant. Thanks

mjackson says:

Hi Jane,

The contractors signed up to our service will only be able to offer a quote on a private job therefore your friend would need to contact their local council who should be able to advise further.
I hope this helps.

Mark @ Servicemagic

R Hart says:

replacement wall hung 16/21 Grant oil boiler needed any idear of price for work?

mjackson says:


Thanks for your post.

Please feel free to fill in our online request form and we will aim to match you with up to 4 local contractors who will call you in order to arrange a convenient time for them to visit you and provide you with a free quote.

carl says:

hi am looking at changing my oil fired aga cooker which also does the heating and hot water, the flue for this goes sytraight into a chimney in the kitchen. i’m going to change it for an oil combi but does it need to go on an external wall inside the house?


mjackson says:

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your post.

It would be hard for us to advise as we aren’t contractors ourselves therefore you would need to contact a heating company directly.

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