Central Heating Boiler Prices and Cost Guide

Central heating boiler price summary
Price range = £800 to £3,000
Average cost = £1,500
Best/cheapest price = £800

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Central heating boiler prices will ultimately depend on the size of your house and your heating requirements. There are two main types of central heating boilers:

1. Conventional heat-only open-vent boilers

This type of central heating boiler is the most old fashioned of all heating systems. They provide heat from the radiators directly and produce hot water, which is stored in a separate cylinder. The cold water is stored in a cistern and there is also the requirement for a separate expansion cistern. As you can imagine, this type of boiler is not really used these days as it takes up a lot of extra space.

2. System heat-only boilers

This type of central heating boiler works on the same principle of stored water. However, most of the components of the heating and hot-water system are built into the boiler, and it removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern. This is perfect for a family which needs lots of space for storage and has a high demand for hot water.
Central heating boiler replacement costs on average around £2,500, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Gas central heating boiler prices tend to be cheaper as gas in the most common type of fuel used for boilers, but other boiler types are available.

Below is a list of central heating boiler prices, compiled from various makes:

  • Baxi Solo 30 HE A
    Type:  Heat only
    Fuel:  Gas
    Heat Output (kW):  30
    Price:  £830
  • Glow-Worm Flexicom 35hx
    Type:  Heat only
    Fuel:  Gas
    Heat Output (kW):  35
    Price:  £1,040
  • Grant Vortex Eco Outdoor 26-35
    Type: Heat only
    Fuel: Oil
    Heat Output (kW): 26-35
    Price: £1,600
  • Ideal Logic Heat 12
    Type:  Heat only
    Fuel:  Gas
    Heat Output (kW): 12
    Price:  £590
  • Potterton Promax 30 HE Plus
    Type:  Heat only
    Fuel:  Gas
    Heat Output (kW):  30
    Price:  £850

*Sources: Energy Saving Trust, Baxi, Glow-Worm, Grant Vortex, Ideal, Potterton. All information is accurate as of January 2012

john brvan says:

i am looking into changing my warm air OIL heater for a warm air GAS boiler do you supply these and what sort of cost can i be looking at

ablyth says:

Hi John, to get a quote from a local boiler specialist, please fill in this form and someone will be in touch to provide a free quote.

mrs rosemary smith says:

my heating has been in my house since 1986 ,both my husband and i are on state pension and he has a little private pension we do not have very much savings and i was wondering how much a complete new boiler and rads would cost and if we would get help. we have gas mains and a fire with a back boiler .our house is now pd for .

sdeshmukh says:

For immediate replace you can fill in this form and one of our engineers will contact you or if you are looking for a grant then you should call the energysavingstrust on 0300 123 1234 and they will be happy to help you.

chris wilder says:

Need to replace a 1982 boiler and move it at the same time. Independent co quoted £2600 for a Vallant condensing boiler and move, plus new room thermostat & new timer. BGas quoted the same for a Baxi, but then added another £2000 plus for ‘additional work necessary to bring your micrbore system up to date’, specifically installation of new pipework and valves on all radiators (10) to convert from single end feed & drain to two end feed & drain. Total cost is now over £6500. Question, do I NEED to have this done, or is it BG being pedantic?. My current system works well and is under BG full service contract, the change being dictated by the need to move the boiler. Info and/or suggestions please.

sdeshmukh says:

Given the age of your Boiler and (assuming) pipework, you might expect a new boiler installer to recommend new pipework in order to keep your new boiler working efficiently. You may also wish to enquire about fitting a Magnetic filter to your new boiler. New boiler surely will help you save on your bills.

Regarding quotes, we recommend that you obtain a minimum of three quotes in order to compare the prices and also to make a decision whether to replace the old boiler with new one or just use the old one.
You can fill in this form to get upto 4 no-obligation quotes.

Shabir H Rasul says:

Hi. i have a VERY old boiler (looks like its made of cast iron) thats linked to a water tank, in the airing cupboard (and a cistern in the loft, i think). But it still works. i know it is expensive to run as it is not efficient. i am considering to buy a new boiler, but i am confused as to which type to buy. i have always heard people talk about combi boilers, but recently, people are saying condensing boilers are the best to buy as they are much more efficient. i live in a large 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. we have 12 radiators of various sizes. we only have the heating on a few hours a day (3-4 hours), in the evening when it gets cold. the boiler is situtated in the garage, and the new boiler will go same place, just to keep the costs down. My question is, which type of boiler would be best suited to my property? and how much would it likely to cost me? thanks

sdeshmukh says:

Hi Shabir,
Combi Boilers can provide you with instant hot water and heating. There is no need of a water tank which will save you a lot of space but the only disadvantage of combi boiler is that the water pressure might be reduced if more than one tap is in use at the same time. Regarding condensing boiler, I think it is an attribute of a boiler. You can get a condensing conventional boiler with a water tank or a condensing combi boiler. Both are energy efficient.

I would suggest you to get an advice from the boiler installer as well. They can assess your home and give you a better advice. If you need some boiler engineers to provide you with no-obligation quotes then fill out this form and UP TO 4 boiler engineers will get in touch with you.

Mohamed Ali Hirsy says:

I am a seventy year old pensioner living in a two bedroom 25 year old terraced house with a very small kitchen. My twenty five year old Servowarm boiler size twelve inches wide by thirty inches long is mounted on my kitchen wall which has limited space. I have managed to save 600 pounds. What are the cheapest option available to me and estimated cost. I have worked all my life since arrival in UK in 1965. Are there any government schemes available to help with cost. I have been with out central heating for the past seven years and dread winter with onslaught of arthritis. Thanks for your help.

mjackson says:

Hi Mohamed,
Thanks for your post. We wouldn’t be able to Guarantee that any tradespeople we match you up with – would be able to advise on government schemes.
We do advise that you visit the Energy saving trust website where you can find further information on government schemes that may be available yo you.

We hope that this information helps.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

liam Watson says:

Hi., im just asking on behalf of my pensioner mother whos warm air boiler has just been condemned .
Is it worth replacing it or ripping it out and going down the gas central heating route.
She is adamant that she wants to replace it like for like but i wouldn’t know what a warm air boiler costs.,
Any ball park figures for a new warm air boiler.?

mjackson says:

Hi Liam,

Thanks for your post.

Please feel free to fill in our online request form and we will aim to match you with up to 4 local contractors who will call you in order to arrange a convenient time for them to visit you and provide you with a free quote.

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