How Much Does it Cost to Install Central Heating?

Summary of Central Heating Installation Costs
Price Range = £1,355 to £10,125
Average Cost = £5,740
Cheapest Price = £1,355

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Central Heating InstallationAs winter fast approaches you will want to make sure your central heating is up and running as soon as possible –after all, who wants to spend the next few months wrapped in blankets and shivering into the night? But how much does central heating cost to install? Obviously the average cost of central heating installation will vary depending to the type of system you choose and the size of your home, but to help you get a vague idea about different prices we’ve outlined the prices per part of the system – just so you can budget your ‘installing central heating costs’ accordingly!

Central Heating Installation Cost

  • Open Vented System – an open vented central heating system works by storing water in a water tank. When you turn the heating on, water is transported directly to the boiler where it is heated before being sent on to the radiators, where heat is emitted. The water levels of a tank are maintained by a parallel feed-and-expansion tank, ensuring you always have enough water to heat the home at any given time. The cost of installing central heating tanks vary, but you should look to pay anywhere from £200 to £2,700.
  • Sealed System –a sealed system involves less work compared to an open vented one (and consequently reduces your central heating installation costs), as it functions by using a pressurised expansion vessel beside the boiler rather than a hot water tank that needs to be stored in your loft or attic. This vessel expands and contracts according to how much water the boiler needs to heat, and comes with safety switches in case the pressure ever exceeds its usual level. Again, the cost of a central heating boiler will vary according to the size and quality of the model, but you should end up paying around £115 to £2,800.
  • Cylinder – a central heating cylinder is used to heat the hot water for the taps rather than radiators in your home. It usually comes in vented or unvented styles, and is often measured by height and diameter to ensure it will fit into your existing central heating system. Cylinders usually cost about £250 to £400.
  • Pump – as you would expect, a pump sends water around your central heating system, from your boiler to all your homes radiators, via a pressurised transmission device. The cost of a central heating pump depends on it size and circuit/speed quality, but you can usually find them for around £50 to £225.
  • Radiators – radiators function as your central heat emitters; they receive hot water pumped directly from your boiler and then transfer that into the room as hot air by the process of evaporation. Like all the other parts of your central heating system, radiator costs vary depending on size and the amount you need for each floor and/or room; but you should look to pay around £390 to £3,000 for a single property installation.
  • Gas Safe Plumber – after you’ve paid for all your parts, you will obviously need a qualified, certified engineer to put it altogether for you. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt this yourself, as several of the pieces of equipment (plus the handling of pipe-work etc) is highly dangerous for those untrained in the business. Final labour charges and cost of central heating installation will depend on the size of your home and new system, but costs usually come in anywhere between £350 and £1,000 for a day’s work.

*Source: Prices are accurate as of October 2012.

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Full heating installation with boiler 4 bedroom house lounge kitchen conservatory

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can you price wet electric system for a 1 bedroom flat please and if there’s any grants available

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