Find Cheap or Discounted Double Glazed Windows

Cost Summary for Cheap Double Glazed Windows
Price Range = £100 to £500 per window
Average Cost = £300
Cheapest Cost = £99.99 (in most retailers)

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Although it’s considered a necessity for homeowners nowadays, double glazing can still prove surprisingly expensive, especially if you need a whole house re-fitting. There are, however, several ways of still saving some money, although they may be a little more time-consuming and take a bit more forward planning.

To get the best deal possible on your double glazing units or panels, try following some of the easy tips below:

  • Choose a Local Contractor over a National Company –  local companies don’t have to fork out for costly advertising and transport costs, so will usually be able to offer low-cost double glazing more often
  • Don’t fall for Rogue Deals – ‘one-off’ reduced prices or additional ‘free’ extras are usually employed as a marketing scheme to dupe unwitting customers into spending more than they actually would for a normal double-glazing service – so make sure you just stick with what you need and don’t get won over by sweet-talking salesmen
  • Ask Friends/Relatives for Recommendations – plenty of local contractors build a trusted company through reliable word-of-mouth, so ask friends or relatives who they used for their double-glazing jobs and you might get a great job at a cheap price
  • Compare as many Quotes as Possible – most companies or websites will recommend comparing just three quotes, but for a more comprehensive comparison try looking at between five and seven different quotes – it will take longer, but you’re much more likely to come across the cheapest possible option available
  • Look for Discount Opportunities – although plenty of rogue traders are out to scam trusting homeowners, some double-glazing companies do offer genuine discounts which can keep your costs low. Some, for instance, offer a ‘showroom’ discount, whereby you display one of their advertising boards in your window or garden for the duration of the work – not a lot to ask when you think about it!

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