Dormer Windows Cost and Price Guide

Dormer Windows Cost Summary
Price Range = £600 to £1,250 (for the window and installation)
Average Cost = £925
Cheapest Price = around £600

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Dormer windows are best suited for converted attic or loft rooms. Designed to act as a neater, more structurally sound ‘skylight’ that looks out onto the street below; dormer windows simultaneously offer improved lighting and ventilation while also creating extra head space by jutting out of the main property.

Most window installers will automatically offer quotes based on double-glazed (rather than single-glazed) windows; but if their terms are unclear and you remain uncertain, don’t be afraid to ask! Obviously the cost of a double-glazed dormer will vary across the country, but for a typical dormer window installation you should aim to budget for the following prices:

  • Materials£300 to £600 (this usually includes both the frame and outer casement of the entire unit, along with the glass pane itself)
  • Scaffolding – anywhere between £200 and £350 (and, unlike ground-floor window installation, completely necessary according to building regulations)
  • Labour – dormer window installation can usually be completed in a single day, but obviously the time the job takes will depend on how many windows you want fitted and/or how large the window space is. Most contractors charge around £100 to £150 per day for labour costs, so the final price shouldn’t be anything over £300.

The prices listed above are typically for flat-roofed dormer windows; if you would prefer a sloping or ‘pitched’ roof to add dimension and style to your attic renovation, then you should also add an additional £700 to £900 to the final cost.


amrita says:

I need 4 dormer windowes installed in the DE11 area. Do you know of any tradesmen, who can do a guaranteed and professionaljob?Kind regards

ablyth says:

Hi Amrita, to get free quotes from up to four window fitters in your local area, please fill in this form and you’ll be contacted as soon as possible.

marie says:

could you please tell me if anyone in the iom who is trusted

sdeshmukh says:

I am not sure but if you fill in this form, one of our trusted contractors if in IOM will be happy to provide you a no-obligation free quote.

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