Double Glazed Door Prices and Costs

Double Glazed Doors Cost Summary
Price Range = £135 to £505 per door
Average Cost = £323
Best/cheapest cost = £400

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These days most homeowners are keen to keep energy costs low, and one of the easiest and most common ways of reducing fuel bills is to install double glazed windows. What many people forget about, however, is the thickness of the glass regularly found on exterior doors. Having double glazing installed on existing doors can be a tricky and expensive way of solving this problem, so you are always better off having your door(s) replaced entirely.

Today nearly every model on the market is already double glazed, so you are ready to start shopping for new doors almost immediately. To help you on your way, the average prices for both back and front doors found in some of the major DIY and/or home-improvement retailers and companies are listed below:


Company/Retailer White u-PVC Back Door (£) Wooden Oak Front Door (£)













Laver Online




Remember, these prices are just estimates based on a large selection of a variety of different double glazed doors. To more accurately work out how much things are going to cost you could always take down your door-frame measurements and look at the prices of specific woods and styles that you’re interested in. Labour and/or fitting charges aren’t included above, but most online retailers do have the option of free delivery – so you can save a bit of money on even the more expensive models.

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Darren Batty says:

Hi I was hoping just to replace the glass units in my doors as they are broken, Can you advise me where i can get these from and how much they would cost. The sizes are
Top 670mm x 1110mm x 23mm
Bottom 670mm x 630mm x 23mm
Many Thanks

ablyth says:

Hi Darren, price will depend on the type of glass you need and where you source it from – fill in this form and a glazing professional in your local area will be in touch to provide a free quote.

Mr Barnes says:

Abergele area; Need price of a variety of quality white plastic double glazed French windows to replace a property’s rear, normal bedroom & kitchen windows…not 59% or 75% off what????

Need to know the total cost of them ….the fitting of them as well as the windows.

If quoting, make the price as clear as the quality glass in the quality windows you fit that produces a quality job finish you always produce.

mjackson says:


Please complete our online window form in order to be matched with up to 4 local contractors who will each contact you in order to arrange a visit.

We hope this helps.


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