What is the Cost of Replacing a Gas Boiler?

Gas boiler replacement cost summary
Price range = £1,200 to £3,700
Average cost = £2,000
Best/cheapest price = £1,200

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Although it’s never a good time for your gas boiler to break down completely, when it does you want to be able to keep your family warm and get it replaced as quickly and efficiently as possible, right? Well, to make sure you can do just that you are going to have to be aware of the latest quotes, deals and replacement offers the various boiler manufacturers and gas providers have available.Fortunately, we asked a number of companies just how much it would cost to replace a faulty existing gas boiler – and they provided us with the following quotes:

  • British Gas – say it’ll cost around £3,700 to replace a gas boiler (£1,100 to £2,000 for the gas boiler plus £1,900 for labour costs and an extra £100 to £150 for a thermostat)
  • Npower – charge somewhere between £2,500 and £2,750 for gas boiler replacement. As part of the home-team boiler package you could guarantee a replacement boiler for as little as £10.50 a month as long as it isn’t yet seven years old and your current one can’t be repaired
  • EDF Energy – this company only provides quotes to its existing members, but we did discover that customers can claim back part of their energy costs through the EDF Energy Trust – sometimes up to at least £250
  • Baxi – Baxi typically quotes a replacement gas boiler at an average cost of £2,000, which includes the installation of an Energy Saving Trust recommended gas boiler
  • Vaillant – this company usually charges around £1,900 for gas boiler replacement, with detailed guidelines breaking down the costs on the website (including a Replacement Control Panel at around £150)
  • Worcester Bosch – prices start at £1,200, but increase up to £3,000 for their more expert gas boiler designs

If you have had your current gas boiler for a fair amount of time, or if it’s just a bit of an old and tired unit, it might even make more sense to update it with a new, more efficient model, rather than paying again and again for an outdated gas boiler that is only guaranteed to let you down. Remember, running an inefficient model means you are still paying for all the wasted heat energy – so don’t be too quick to judge the final cost by the figures provided. It might end up being just as cheap – or cheaper, even – to get the most efficient model you can afford; at least then another breakdown isn’t likely to occur any time soon!

*Sources: British Gas, Npower, EDF, Baxi, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch. All information is accurate as of January 2012

cath parker says:

I had a central heating system installed in a house i was doing up to live in in Nov 2009. This included a ferroli combi boiler. Since then, Ferroli have been out 19 !!! times, replaced the gas valve 10!!! times ,told me I needed a new meter, done, told me to have a filter fitted ,done, I had the boiler serviced and had national grid out twice as ferroli insist it is “contaminated gas” to blame ( particles apparently flaking away inside the piping. National grid have shown me the inside of the meter where the gas is supplied to and that was whistle clean. now I have just had a gas safe engineer out and he says that ferroli are renowned for boilers going wrong and i might as well replace the thing. This will cost me of course, how much will depend on the fairness of the engineer but he said aprox 1500. he has gone away to work out if it can be done cheaper as I cannot afford that. PLEASE PLEASE, do not use FERROLI if you are gettinga boiler.

ablyth says:

Hi Cath,

Thanks for you comments. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such awful trouble with your boiler and I hope your new boiler serves you better than the last. If you need any additional boiler quotes you can fill in our boiler quote request form.

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