Intergas Boiler Prices

Summary of Intergas boiler prices
Price range = £677 to £855
Average cost = £750
Best/cheapest price = £676.80

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Intergas are a manufacturer of high-efficiency condensing combination boilers.

What are the benefits of an Intergas boiler?

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), running a boiler accounts for 60% of the annual energy bill in an average household. So, it makes sense to purchase a boiler that is highly efficient. Not only will it save you money (around £300 per year says the Energy Saving Trust) but also cut your household carbon emissions. All new boilers must, by law, be condensing models, which recover more heat from waste gases and are therefore more efficient. Intergas combi boilers are small and compact – great for space saving – and produce hot water on demand.

How much does an intergas boiler cost?

Below there is a list of prices for the latest Intergas boilers available:

1. Combi Compact HRE:

  • 24/18 – £704.09
  • 28/24 – £779.69
  • 36/30 –  £855.29

2. Compact HRE 18-24-30 SB:

  • 18 – £684.00
  • 24 – £756.00
  • 30 – £828.00

3. Compact HRE 18-24-30 OV:

  • 18  – £676.80
  • 24  – £748.80
  • 30 – £820.80

Don’t forget!

Intergas sell their boilers through many outlets, so therefore prices may vary depending on where you choose to buy it from. For a list of intergas boiler suppliers in your area visit the intergas website and click on the merchant section. You can then type in your postcode and it will provide you with a list of the closest intergas boiler supplies in your local area.

*Sources: Energy Saving Trust, Intergas. All information is accurate as of January 2012

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post code np46rp nearest suppliers

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