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The cost of fitting a new boiler is a matter of concern to many households who are looking into replacing their boiler. Not everyone know the cost of a new boiler initially, but this article will help you look into ways to save on that cost.

Moreover, not everyone is aware that there is a helpful range of government grants for helping people to buy new boilers. According to where you live in the UK, there are different new boiler grants for which you could be eligible.

Read on to figure out just how much money and/or welfare you may be entitled to.

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The Benefits of New Boilers and New Boiler Grants

There is one overwhelming benefit to grants for new boilers, which is that having one could save you a great deal of money – ideal when you find the cost of new boiler installation prohibitive.

But why install a boiler at all? You might want to think about buying a new boiler if:

  • You’re moving home – your new property may not have a boiler suitable for your needs, it could also be out-dated and inefficient

  • You’re renovating – improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home should be your first priority when making any home improvements. Ensuring you have a new, efficient boiler to keep your home warm and supplied with hot water is top of the list and can boost the value of your property

  • Your current boiler is over 10 years old – boiler technology has advanced greatly over recent years, so it’s likely that if you bought yours over 10 years ago it’s not as efficient as it could be. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says that replacing an old boiler with a new A-rated model and improving your heating controls could save you up to £310 a year on your fuel bills and cut your household carbon emissions by 1,220kg

The Range of New Boiler Costs

New boilers vary in price depending on type, brand, size and the type of fuel they use. It’s important to choose the model that’s right for your property; here are some new boiler prices from the most popular manufacturers on the market:

  • New Baxi boilers cost between £730 and £830
  • It’ll cost between £560 and £980 to purchase a new Glow-Worm boiler
  • Well-know manufacturer Vaillant sell new boilers for between £740 and £1,100
  • Worcester Greenstar new boilers cost between £1,300 and £2,100

Get more information on new boiler prices.

New boiler installation costs

It’s important to hire a qualified engineer to install your new boiler. This way you can be sure you boiler meets legal safety and energy efficiency requirements. Hire a:

  • Gas Safe registered engineer for new gas boiler installation
  • A qualified electrician to install a new electric boiler
  • A member of the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) for oil boiler installation
  • A HETAS engineer to install a new solid-fuel boiler

Still wondering about overall new boiler cost and installation? Here are some guide prices for new boiler installation costs:

  • According to Which? it will cost £600 to install a new boiler in the same position as an old one
  • Installing a new boiler in a different location will cost between £1,500 and £1,800, reports Which?

Get more information on new boiler installation costs.

What should you look for in a new boiler?

As well as considering the cost of new boilers, there are other factors to bear in mind:

1) Planning Considerations – Firstly, make sure that you don’t need planning permission to install your new boiler – this may be necessary if you live in a listed building or need to install a new flue outside of your home

2) Regulations – To satisfy building regulations, make sure your new boiler is A-rated or at least 88% efficient as judged by the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK (SEDBUK) scale

3) New Boiler Model – It’s a legal requirement that all new boilers are condensing models. The difference between a condensing and non-condensing boiler is that condensing boilers convert more waste heat into energy, saving you money and helping the environment. If a boiler engineer deems your home unsuitable for a condensing boiler (this is very rare), you will receive a certificate to prove you can install a non-condensing mode

4) Heating Controls – Make sure you install proper heating controls along with your new boiler as per part L of building regulations. This means installing, at the very least, a good thermostat.

5) Regular or Combi?  – You may need to choose between a regular system boiler and a combi boiler. System boilers have a cylinder to store hot water in and are good for big homes whereas combis heat water as needed and therefore don’t need a water tank. Consider a combi if you live in a small property

New boiler grants

Before you buy a new boiler, check whether you’re eligible for a grant towards the cost. The following schemes could provide you with cash towards your new boiler:

  • The Scottish boiler scrappage scheme provides £400 towards new boiler costs.

  • The new Green Deal scheme provides up financing for English residents who meet eligibility criteria.

  • The Warm Homes scheme operates a similar service for those in Northern Ireland while the

  • Fuel Poverty scheme helps Welsh residents out with the cost of buying a new boiler.

All energy suppliers are obliged offer customers grants and discounts towards the cost of new boilers; so ring around to see what kind of deals you could receive.

Applying for Grants

This guide about new boiler costs and boiler grants is a jumping off point from which you can discover what boiler grant assistance is available.  It’s always worth contacting your local authority or Home Improvement Agency (HIA) to see if you qualify for a boiler grant when buying a new boiler.

*Sources: Energy Saving Trust, Baxi, Glow-Worm, Valliant, Worcester Bosch, Gas Safe, OFTEC, HETAS, Which?. Directgov.. All information is accurate as of January 2012

Muslim Student House says:

We are looking to replace our boiler with a new one . we need to check if we are eligible for a grant?


Ahmed Fettah


ablyth says:

Hi Ahmed, you could be eligible for a grant towards the cost of a new boiler either through a government scheme like ‘Warm Front’ or an energy supplier grant. The Energy Saving Trust have a number you can phone to find out what you’re eligible for:0300 123 1234.
Thanks for your comment.

anon says:

could you please tell me the telephone number to find out if i`m eligible for a grant towards a new boiler.

ablyth says:

Hi, you can contact the Energy Saving Trust to find out if you’re eligible for a grant. The number is: 0300 123 1234 – here’s the web link.

Jade says:

Why is a grant only for people on benefits, what about people who are first time buyers and pay there taxes!

ablyth says:

Hi Jade, the government use grants to specifically target those who have trouble affording new heating or home improvements. However, it’s worth giving your energy company a call to see if you’re eligible for a grant or contact the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234 for advice.

michael flude says:

I am a single male 64 disabled in reciept of dla higher rate, work partime 10 hours a week £4000 in savings, would I be able to get grant local or govt for new a rated energy efficient combo boiler .thankyou

ablyth says:

Hi Michael, it sounds like you would be eligible for some kind of grant,contact the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234 for further advice and to apply.

Mrs t watts says:

Hi, i have a residential care home for elderly disabled and dementia age above 65. My boiler is possibly over 30 years old. Although no problem with it but i am advised to replaced it with a new one boiler and non vented cylinder. The qoate is £5500 including energy saving coil /discaler. Do you think i am entitle to any grant. Also i am told that i might be entitle to capital allowance first year. How do i go about it.

Best wishes
T watts

sdeshmukh says:

Hi, it sounds like you would be eligible for a grant – to get specific advice please call the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234.

mermie says:

I am on my own with my 10 year old son and in receipt of working families tax credit and child tax credit .I have an old Back Boiler behind an old fireplace which heats the hot water and radiators and is probably 30 years plus old. Would I qualify for a replacement central heating system

sdeshmukh says:

Hi Mermie,
To check if you are eligible or not please call the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234.

Shannon says:

Hi there mermie, my name is Shannon and I work for a company that do grants and funding, I am in work all week and am looking for people who ate eligible for a complete free new boiler, because you have child tax credits you would get a completly free fitted boiler, could you leave your number and I will give you a ring from my company, thanks

Beverley.. says:

Can I still get the goverment scheme , if I have a back boiler…

Regards Bev

sdeshmukh says:

Hi, you can contact the Energy Saving Trust to find out if you’re eligible for a grant. The number is: 0300 123 1234.

f k jones says:

please inform if I am eligible for a grant I am on disability at the higher rate the boiler is 10 years or over
fk jones

samrat says:

Please call Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234 and they will be happy to help you.

mohammed zahoor says:

Hi,I am on working tax credit only &home owner.I want to know if I am entitle for free gas boiler.

mjackson says:

Hi, Thanks for your post.
At this stage we would recommend taking a look at the Energy saving trust website which will provide you with information on any grants that might be available. We also recommend speaking to your local council who will also be able to give further advice.
We hope that this information helps.
Thanks again

Stephen Popham says:

We are a registered charity and our current boiler (oil) which has been in place for over 20 years has given up the ghost. Are there any grants available for replacing boilers in buildings other than homes. As mentioned we are a registered charity and we provide free musical tuition to children in the locality.

mjackson says:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your post.

Unfortunately , any contractors within our network, will not be able to offer advice in regards to grants for charities however i do suggest taking a look at the energy saving trust website where can find more information on any grants that might be available to you.

Thanks again and we wish you all the best.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

David Mayer says:

I own a house that I currently rent out. The boiler is over 10 years old and needs replacing. My tenant works full time and I don’t think is receiving any benefits but is a single mother with 2 sons (one at University.). Would I be eligible for a grant?

mjackson says:

Hi David,
The contractors signed up to our service will only be able to offer a quote on a private job therefore you would need to contact the local council who should be able to advise further.
I hope this helps.
Mark @ Servicemagic

Christine vannet says:

I am 64 on a state penshion my husband is 54 still working my boiler is over 20 years old and not very good , I am still paying a mortgage on my house ,we don’t have any savings ,is there any help I can get to get a new boiler

Gina Blackford says:

We are a registered Charity-Royal British Legion Basildon& Laindon Branch.We do not receive any funding from Head Office our Branch is self sufficient and raises all it’s own monies.Are there any grants available that we could be eligible for as our premises has 2 boilers and 1 is not working which menas we have no hot water at present and 2 radiators not working.
Gina Blackford

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