New Roof Cost Guide: How Much Does a New Roof Cost in the UK?

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A structurally sound roof will keep your home dry, warm and energy efficient. So if you need to install a new roof, find out the latest prices here.

Cost of a New Roof UK

The average price of a new roof depends on a number of factors such as size of your roof, labour costs, if you need to hire scaffolding and the cost of any fascia, soffit or chimney work. Roofing costs also depend on how long the job will take. For example a slate roof will take longer to install than a flat roof in Permaroof membrane.

So, how much for/is a new roof? Check out thus guide to new roof costs:

Roofing service/material Average Cost Source
Hiring a roofer for a day £200 – £300 Fixmyroof
Tiling a new roof (materials & labour) Mid-terrace 55 sq. m. £4,000 Fixmyroof
Installing a slate roof £5,000 – £10,000 Fixmyroof
Roof repair costs £769 ServiceMagic survey
Replacing missing or broken roof tiles £90 – 220 Which?
Slate roofing (per tile) £0.80 – £6.50 (size dependent) All Slates Ltd.
Clay roofing (per tile) £0.58 – £2 + BSO Roofing Supplies Online
Concrete roofing (per tile) £0.86 – £3 BSO  Roofing Supplies Online
Metal/Zinc roofing (per metre) £5.90 – £9 Cladco LJT


Get more roofing costs and prices.

How Much Does a New Flat Roof Cost?

The cost of a flat roof varies from a pitched roof as different materials are used. Flat roofs are commonly done with uPVC or a rubber sheeting called Permaroof.

  • Permaroof 1.14mm thick 1m x 6m is £41.70

  • Permaroof 1.52mm thick 1m x 6m £49.50

  • Permaroof 6m x 6m flat roof kit in 1.14 mm is £522

How Much Does a New Garage Roof Cost?

A new garage roof in Permaroof will vary in price depending on the size. A garage roof that is 3m x 7m is £325 from Permaroof for garage roof kit. (Installations costs extra)

How Much Does a New Slate Roof Cost?

Slate tiles are a popular choice for roofing as they are a natural and weather resistant product that can last for many years. They are a more expensive option and the price will depend on the quality of the slate.

  • From AllSlates Ltd reclaimed Welsh slate tiles cost from £0.80 for a small 16 x 8 tile to £2.80 for a larger 24 x 14 tile before VAT

  • BSO Roofing Supplies have tiles from £1.50 to over £5 depending on quality and size

Get more detailed prices in our guide to roof slates prices.

Roof Trusses Prices & Cost Guide

Roof trusses are what give a pitched roof the attic space underneath. There are 4 types of trusses depending on the size roof you need to span.

Roof trusses vary in size from around £14,500 to £33,000 for all timber truss and bracing timbers and fixings according to Price includes labour.

Find out more about roof truss prices.

Roof Lanterns Prices & Cost Guide

A roof lantern will let in more natural light giving a greater sense of space in your home. They vary in size and price depending on addition of decorative finials and opening panels.

  • A square roof lantern 1m x 1m will cost around £1200

  • A square roof lantern 2m x 2m will cost around £2700

Get more information on roof lantern prices.

What to Look for in a Roofer

When you are looking for a roofer keep these points in mind:

  • Qualifications – should have done a roofing apprenticeship or have done a NVQ or have a Construction Skills Certification

  • References – ask for a recent work reference

  • Trade association membership – most roofers will belong to a trade association such as National Federation of Roofing Contractors, Single Ply Roofing Association, Confederation of Roofing Contractors or the Competent Roofers Scheme

  • Insurance – ensure the roofer has valid public liability insurance

  • Guarantee – look for a roofer who offers a guarantee on work and materials

  • Contract – ensure the contract outlines all costs and project details

*Sources: Building Sheriff, ServiceMagic survey, Which?, BSO Roofing Supplies Online, Cladco LJT,,,, the NFRC, SPRA, CRC, Permaroof

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