The Cost of Office Refurbishment

Office RefurbishmentAre you worried your business isn’t performing as strongly as it should be? Is your office décor stuck in the dark ages, and does the general feel of the place need a little lift? Poor lighting, heating and communications can all be detrimental to how well your office space works, so if you want to maximise its potential then look into office refurbishment or renovation. You’ll need to consider all the areas that require improvement and/or expansion and draw up a preliminary budget to make sure your plans are feasible. But just how much does office refurbishment cost?


Office Refurbishment Cost

The following office refurbishment and office renovation costs are at the higher end of the industry scale to make sure you don’t underestimate your budget and give an idea of just how much the best in the business might set you back:

Office Refurbishment

Average Price

 Demolitions / Alterations (including cladding and asbestos removal,  structural alterations and repairs to existing concrete frames)


 Roofing (stripping off existing roof and replacement with new one)


 Stairs (new balustrade and handrails, plus repairs)


 External Walls, Windows and Doors (brickwork, cladding, glazing, insulation and solar shading)


 Internal Walls and Partitions (internal plasterboard and acoustic ventilation)


 Internal Doors (softwood frames and glazed slidescreens)


 Wall Finishes (independent wall lining, insulation and painting)


 Floor Finishes (sand cement screed, steel fabric reinforcement, raised floor, carpet and vinyl and stone reception)


 Ceiling Finishes (suspended ceilings and decoration)


 Furniture and Fittings (desks, filing cabinets, seating and a canteen/kitchenette feature)


 Sanitary Fittings (toilets, urinals, washbasins etc)


 Water Installations (hot and cold water storage and distribution)


 Heat Sources (gas fired boilers, flue, pumps and heat exchanger)


 Heating Equipment / Air Treatment (cooling systems, ventilation and ductwork, floor grilles and diffusers and radiators)


 Electrical Installations (power and distribution boards, office lighting, emergency lighting and sensors)


 Communication Installations (fire and smoke alarms, security technology, other data cabling)


 Construction / Labour Charges (scaffolding, removal, storage, installation and risk assessment)



Obviously, your office refurbishment costs will ultimately depend on which of these services you require and just how large (or small) your commercial property actually is. After all, you might only end up requiring half of these actual services, or the ones you do need can be halved in price because you only need to refurbish a two-storey building, etc.

Cheaper alternatives can probably be found from a number of national companies or local outlets, but remember: if the aim of the refurbishment is to improve how your business runs and performs then you’re always better off going with the most trusted, reliable contractors you can find. That doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive ones, but companies offering deals on the cost of office refurbishment that seem too good to be true will probably end up letting you down. This could leave you with a shoddy work environment and poorly performing fittings – which don’t just look unattractive, but can be dangerous where communications and electrics are concerned. So remember, always shop around for the best deal before making your final decision and before you know it your ideal office refurbishment will allow you to get on with work in peace.

*Source:; prices are based on the refurbishment of a10, 000m², four-storey commercial office property. Costs are accurate as of October 2012.

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