Guide to Oil Combination Boiler Prices

Price Summary for oil-fired combi boilers
Price range = £1,350 to £2,300
Average cost = £1,500
Best/cheapest price = £1,350

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Oil-fired combi boilers are a great alternative for those living out in the country, cut off from local gas and electricity supplies. As an alternative to traditional gas heating, oil combi boilers basically allow you to keep fuel stored near your home and top-up the unit as and when you need. Combi boilers are, however, usually recommended for smaller homes or flats, so if you live in a particularly large country home you may find a traditional central heating system more suited to your living arrangements.

We asked a number of different retailers and manufacturers to quote the cost of their standard oil-fired combi boiler units, and they provided us with the following figures:

  • Eurocal – £1,350 to £1,900
  • Warmflow –  £1,700 to £1,950
  • Grant Vortex –  £1,800 to £2,000
  • Firebird – £1,850 to £2,150
  • Worcester Greenstar – £2,000 to £2,300

You’ll need a regular supply of oil delivered to your property to keep your combi boiler running smoothly. The average amount of oil you’ll need is between 600 and 1750 litres per year, depending on the size of your home. Oil can be bought as either a standalone purchase (costing anywhere between £220 and £280 for 500 litres), or else as part of an annual service programme (which includes extra replenishment and possibly repair maintenance).

We asked three of the major energy service providers how much an annual service programme for an oil combi boiler costs and they came back with the following information:

  • British Gas – £7 to £10.50 per month
  • Worcester Bosch – £12 to £15 per month, including up to £1,500 breakdown protection
  • Plumbcare – £18 to £25 per month, including potential replacement boiler (up to the value of £2000) and free oil safety storage tank

You can generally conserve oil by resetting the temperature controls on your combi model according to different times of the day – so it only uses more fuel when you and your family are actually about to make the most of the increased heat. Nevertheless, make sure you have somewhere to store additional fuel before purchasing an oil combi boiler and don’t forget to include annual fuel costs in your final budget.

*Sources: OFTEC, Eurocal, Warmflow, Grant Vortex, Firebird, Worcester Bosch, Plumbcare. All information is accurate as of January 2012

John Marsh says:


I will be moving home to a small village location. There is gas available to the village but would like to explore the potentially more environmentally friendly electrical options first.

There is an oil fired central heating boiler and electric hot water immersion heater. I was looking at the financial benefits that may be gained, if any, by installing an electric combi boiler. Is this a financially viable alternative to oil?

ablyth says:

Hi John,

An electric combi boiler will cost around £1,600 per year to run (when used to supply both heating and hot water), while an oil combi boiler will cost around £1,000 (for both heating and hot water). However, it’ll cost more to buy an oil combi to start with, on average £2,300, while buying an electric combi boiler only costs on average £1,500. You can find out more about oil boiler costs here and electric boiler costs here. If you’d like to discuss this with a local boiler engineer and receive a free quote, please fill in this form.

Margaret says:

Are there no oil combi boiler services available in Wales ? There must be as I had a Warnflow one installed in 2007 but now need it replaced and will not be engaging the previous people as they did not do a satisfactory job!!

samrat says:

Hi Margaret,
We don’t have as many oil boiler engineers registered with us in wales as we have for gas boiler. Still you can just fill out this form and give a go. Its free and if any engineer is available in you area then you will be contact soon.

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