Guide to Re-Roofing Costs: How Much Does it Cost to Re-Roof a House

Re-Roofing Cost Summary
Price Range = £3,600 to £5,500
Average Cost = £4,000
Cheapest Price = £3,600

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Roofer in GlasgowA leak in your roof can be repaired by replacing a tile or screwing down the tin sheets but sometimes a roof will need to be replaced. Minor repairs can be done successfully for small leaks but if the roof has deteriorated over the years, which they all do, you will need to look at replacing the entire roof. Usually the roof trusses and beams will be fone but you may need to replace some timber batons at the same time as you re-roof your home. This will add to the cost but it means that you new roof will last for years to come.

Cost to Re-Roof a House

The cost of re-roofing a house depends on two factors: the size of the roof and the material chosen. The price difference can be in the thousands of pounds so think carefully about the material you are using. If you live in a listed building you will need to find out from the local authorities what materials you are able to use. You may need to re-roof in exactly the same material that you are replacing. The retiling of a large roof in slate tiles will be more expensive than re-roofing with felt.

Size of house and cost to re-roof:

  • Mid terrace roof: 55 square metres will cost on average £3600

  • 3 bedroom semi-detached: 70 square metres will cost on average £4100

  • 3 bedroom bungalow: 100 square metres will cost on average £4600

  • 4 bedroom semi-detached: 100 square metres will cost on average £5500

The above cost to re-roof a house includes all scaffolding, removing old roof, fixing a new underlay and any lead work, ridging and all roofing material. Then cost may seem large but some councils offer grants to re-roof in certain materials.

How much to re-roof a house will depend on the materials that you are using as well as any other roofing structures taht need to be replaced. If the structure of the roof is stable and does not need any work all you will pay for is the roofing materials and labour.

Looking for a Roofer

Make sure the roofer that you engage to re-roof your house is registered as a builder who does roofs and has the appropriate licences for safety and insurance. Ask them for addresses of previous work so you can get an idea of what the finished job will look like. Also ask for examples of different roofs around town so you can compare the different materials to see which one you like the best.

Obtain three quotes to compare prices and always try for local tradesmen as there will be no travelling costs added to the cost of re-roofing your house.

Check out Grants for Home Improvements

In various location around the UK you are able to apply for government grants for home improvements and it is always worthwhile the time to see if you are eligible for a grant. It could save you thousands of dollars off the cost of re-roofing your house.

Eileen Trier says:

How much does it cost to replace an average tild roof (mid terrace house)?

samrat says:

Hi Eileen,
The Cost will depend on the types of tiles you want to use and also the size of the project. So to find out the cost for your roof please fill out this roofing form and our roofers will get in touch with you to provide no-obligation free quotes.

Christopher says:

Thanks for the informative website! Just wanted to alert you to a minor costing typo on this page:

At the top of the page in the box with the orange header labeled ‘Re-Roofing Cost Summary’, the average re-roofing cost is stated as ‘Average Cost = £41,000’ and should probably be ‘Average Cost = £4,100’.

Hope that helps and thanks again!

samrat says:

Thanks a lot Christopher. I have corrected it now.

Miller says:

Hi,I’m just wondering how much it would cost to replace my roof,including any lead work and facias and sophits( sorry can’t spell). It’s a 3 bed semi.

mjackson says:

Thanks for your post. We suggest filling in our Roofing form online. Once we have processed it, you will be contacted by up to 4 local roofers who will all give you a free, no obligation quotes on any work you need doing.

Mrs ronan says:

Just had quote for new tiled roof facias soffits and guttering plus scaffolding and skip £4200 all in hope this helps

Hannah says:

Does the re-roofing of a house generally include or exclude the replacement of fascia and soffit boards as standard?

mjackson says:

Hi Hannah. Thanks for your post.
We split the categories as we see them as two separate jobs however it would depend on the company that you are dealing with as some roofers will include new fascias and soffits.
Should you require quotes, feel free to fill in our online forms for Roofing and Fascias and Soffits and we will try and put you in touch with up to 4 local contractors who will be able to provide you with free, no obligation quotes on any work you need doing.

Chris says:

When re-roofing a (standard build vistorian) detached property, is it necessary to have scaffolding on both sides of the house? One side would require access to the neighbours property which would be awkward to arrange.

mjackson says:

Hi Chris,

We would recommend that you have sufficient scaffolding in place before allowing any roofers to undertake work as it could affect any insurance policy the contractors may have.

Most roofing companies will have access to their own scaffolding however should they not, we suggest obtaining separate quotes for the scaffolding.

Below is a guide to costs –

The cost to erect scaffolding at the front of a semi-detached home for roofing work starts at around £420

Scaffolding costs for roofing work that requires scaffolding around a home starts at around £900

Should you wish to obtain up to 4 free quotes from local companies, please feel free to fill in our online scaffolding form – the scaffolders will then contact you directly in order to arrange the quotes.

Thanks for your post and we hope to be of further assistance in the future.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

Patricia Sallabank says:

Hi There.Thinking of changing my glass conservatory roof for tiled.What would the cost entail and would I have to have planning permission.Any info on this subject would be much appreciated.Many thanks.

mjackson says:

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your post.

We recommend taking a look at the planning portal website where you can find information on whether you would require planning permission.

Should you then decide that you wish to receive up to 4 free quotes from local companies please fill in our Conservatory form.

Thanks again and we hope to be of further assistance in the future.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

John Walker says:

Good morning.

My son lives in a Semi Detached house and has a couple of loose roof tiles. Could you give me an estimate on how much these tiles would cost to replace?

mjackson says:

Hello John,

Thanks for your post.

As it’s a repair – providing a rough price would be tricky therefore we recommend that you get a local roofer to look at the roof before obtaining any quotes.

Should you wish to proceed, please fill in our Roofing form and we will aim to match your request with up to 4 local roofers who will each contact you in order to arrange a free visit.

We hope to be of more assistance in the future.

Mark @ Servicemagic

Lynda Davies says:

I have a 1930’s semi. The roof is covered with Rosemary tiles, there is no felt under the tiles and the lime mortar has deteriorated to such an extent that the loft is unusable even for storage as everything gets covered in a white powder. There is also very little, if any, insulation between the rafters on the loft floor.

What is the best way of insulating the roof and loft space to enable reasonable storage?

Lyn Davies

mjackson says:

Hi Lynda,

Thanks for your post.

Please refer to our Roof and loft insulation article for further information on different types of insulation that could be available.

You can also request official quotes from local contractors by filling in our online insulation form

We hope to be of further assistance in the future.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

jose daniel says:

i have problem with my roof( leakes from chimminey side and roof some part. i just have some query. if we re- roof can we use the existing tile. is there any weather shield paint can use on much cost roughly a 3 bedroom end erraced house for re-roofing with existing tiles etc. please can you suggest .

jose daniel

mjackson says:

Hi Jose,

The cost of re-roofing a house depends on two factors: the size of the roof and the material chosen. The price difference can be in the thousands of pounds so think carefully about the material you are using.

3 bedroom semi-detached: 70 square meters will cost on average £4100 however we recommend getting quotes from professionals who may have some advice regarding using existing tiles and weatherproof paints.

You can request up to 4 free quotes by filling in our online roofing form and waiting for the contractors to call.

We hope that this helps.


Rebecca says:

I don’t suppose you guys do quotes/work outside of the UK. Slovenia.

mjackson says:

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your post.

Servicemagic only operate in the UK therefore we are unable to assist on this occasion.

Thanks again.

Agnes says:


Sorry, I know it might be strange case but we are in a situation where I just look for any advice I can get.

We are foreigners without any family in the UK. We bought a house in August this year in Derby and right away started looking for a roofers to come and work on the roof… we wanted a new roof but according to quotes that we got: work would cost around £14,000 so for now we decided to go with just repairs… we received this quote(see below) and used ‘X’ roofing company(I found them on ‘my builder’ site and they had positive comments)… when we wanted to compare prices others said they would charge similar amount… but after all work/or rather no work from our point of view we are really disappointed with what we’ve got…

QUOTE: ‘For work to be carried out as follows :- Erect scaffolding for chimney stacks.
Remove all old , guttering and fascia boards from all roofs and place in skips.
Apply acropoll solution to valleys.
Build up both chimney stacks to building regulations to take log fire.
Renew all rainwater systems and fascia boards using u.p.v.c mammoth board and deep flow guttering.
Strip off lower roof to rear of property and renew. Re-point all ridge tiles. Open rear fireplace.
Fit new extractor fan for bathroom.
Total cost labour, materials, skips and scaffold …………£6,870.00 ‘

This week our neighbour is having some repairs done on her roof and roofers told us that the company who did things on our part didn’t really do much and for sure not for this price, cause we could have all new roof under the stated amount… we discovered that ‘our roofers’ didn’t even remove all old, guttering and fascia boards from all roofs but just attached front panels… the new roof at the back of the property stated in the quote is of bricked shed and it is not even 2m square… extractor fan for bathroom – they only installed the vent for a fan cause our builder who is doing all redecorating is installing the fan in the bath…

Comming next spring we would like to hire someone new and have a new roof for a normal/right price… could you recommend anyone fair in Derby area?
Is it possible to get some money back from the company that we used… we would not like for them to come again and ‘redo’ things according to the quote that we paid for…

Thanks for any advice

mjackson says:

Hi Agnes,

Thanks for your post.

Please feel free to visit the website and fill in one of our online request forms and we will aim to match you with up to 4 local contractors who will call you in order to arrange a convenient time for them to visit you and provide you with a free quote.

We wouldn’t be able to advise in regards to your complaint about the previous contractor and would suggest you contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for further information and advice.

We hope this helps.

MA says:

We are having the tiles renewed on our house. Does the lead they remove belong to them or to us? !!

mjackson says:

If you own your property then everything on or in it should be yours also.
Hop this helps

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