Replacement Window Cost Guide

Replacement Window Cost Summary
Price Range = £4,000 to £15,000
Average Cost = £7,000
Cheapest Price = £4,000

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The average window replacement cost of a three bedroom terrace is around £7300 but the final cost to you will depend on the size and number of windows and the material you are using for the window frames.

The cost of replacing windows will depend on the size and the material as wooden frames are more expensive than uPVC frames but many people prefer the look of timber frames. The final decision on replacing your windows is up to you and you will need to choose what you can afford as well as what will suit the look of your home.

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Should I choose uPVC replacement windows?

The cost to replace windows in your house with uPVC is the cheapest option as they are maintenance free, great at keeping out draughts but some people just don’t like the look. If you are on a budget they are the best way to go for window replacement.

I want my home to be more energy efficient, what should I do?

You should consider replacing windows with double glazing for a more energy efficient house as they will keep the cold out and the heat in. If you replace all standard windows with double glazing you could save up to £165 on your yearly energy bills. Double glazing will cost you from £385 per window. Of course the size of the window ultimately determines the replacement cost of a window.

How much do specialist windows cost?

If you want a specialist option, such as a stained glass window, you are looking at paying £30 to £100 per square metre; replacing a sash window will cost around £1,000 per window replacement.

The cost of replacement windows

The cost will depend on the size and whether you choose double glazing or not. For a rough guide:

  • A fully sealed and double glazed panel 200mm x 400mm is £22.50 whereas a single pane of glass 4mm thick 200mm x 450mm is £14

  • Double glazed window 530mm x 780mm is around £275

  • Double glazed window 980mm x 1340mm is around £450

Who should fit my replacement windows?

If you are living in England and Wales, the best way to make sure that your replacement windows are fitted properly and to regulation standards you will need to choose an installer who is registered with one of the official Competent Person schemes such as FENSA, Certass or Network Veka Installers. Window installers who are registered with one of these will give you a certificate when they have finished saying that the windows have been fitted in compliance with all regulations. If you don’t use a registered installer you will have to seek building control approval before window installation.

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C malins says:

My round window fell out and smashed.its 28inches dia. I need just the frame and glass repaird

samrat says:

To get quotes on window repair please fill out this form and up to 4 tradesmen will get in touch with you.

Brian Wilding says:

I need to have several windows replaced and would prefer to have hardwood, though UPVC may be more practical.
Can anyone give me comparative costs for a 1930’s style window 137mm tall x 76mm wide.

Many thanks

mjackson says:

Hi Brian,

Please fill in our online windows form in order to receive contact from up to 4 local companies.

Each company we match you to will contact you in order to make an appointment to take a look at the job and then offer you the free quote.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

Matt says:

How much to replace a single pane window which was broken other may I can fit the window if need be but how much for glass it’s about 6 x 5 feet?

mjackson says:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your post.

Our contractors will only be able to quote on the supply and fitting of the glass therefore we would suggest looking for local glass manufacturers in your area and obtaining supply only quotes.

Thanks again,

Mark @ Servicemagic

Clare says:

I had contract with a large window company for a price for 2 windows and 1 French doors paid deposit and expected them
to be fitted this Friday. Had phone call yesterday saying they could not fit for that price. Could you tell me is contracts binding

mjackson says:

Hi Clare,

It would really depend on whats contained in the small print of the contract as it may state that the price could change depending on additional works required.

I would suggest reviewing the contract and if you are still in any doubt, contact the citizens advice bureau who will advise you further on your consumer rights.

I hope this information helps.

Mark @ Servicemagic

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