Roof Cleaning Prices and Cost Guide

Roof Cleaning Cost Summary
Price Range = £450 to £2,000
Average Cost = £1,086.25
Cheapest Price = £450

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Roof cleaning pricesMoss, algae, limestone – these substances can build up  on a neglected roof, multiplying and spreading while you sit below, completely unaware of the damage being inflicted on your property. All three of these harmful materials can cause slates or tiles to come loose, as they penetrate the glues and resins keeping things together. This can result in cracks and gaps across the entire roof, reducing its strength and costing you money to repair.  Don’t panic though – you may not need a new roof, or even replacement tiles – sometimes a good clean will do just as well!

Unfortunately, DIY roof cleaning is never as easy as it seems. Sitting on a roof for hours on end while you try to scrub tiles with household chemicals and cleaning products can prove a particularly strenuous (not to mention dangerous) task.  In addition, DIY cleaning rarely manages to properly tackle that dirt and grime that’s causing the problem. For a proper, professional clean, you should instead look at hiring a local contractor, who can guarantee getting the job done smoothly and efficiently –and probably in a quarter of the time too! The cost of roof cleaning needn’t be expensive, even if you do hire a professional roofer.

Professional Roof Cleaning Price

Roof cleaning costs will vary depending on who you hire. The following companies offer a roof-cleaning service for almost any type of home, with average prices listed below:

  • a single day service this business charges anything between £450 and £1,000 per clean.
  •– because it deals with more serious roof problems (i.e. asbestos) and uses more expensive equipment, this company charges between £500 and £750 for a standard survey, and then £1,200 to £2,000 for a deep clean.
  •– this company charges it’s roof cleaning at £795 to £1,995, for anything from a standard roof clean to a more high-tech thermal coating

Each of these companies should get the job done in a single day, without damaging any of your existing slates or roof structure. Plus, a professional clean might even save you up to 40% on your energy bills too! Nevertheless it always makes sense to shop around for the best deal – if you’re having your roof re-fitted or repaired you might even be able to get a special discount with the same company.


Kathy says:

Is £10,400 too much to pay for a 3 bed roof detached dormer bungalow roof to be cleaned and colour coated

ablyth says:

Hi Kathy, price will depend on the size of your roof as well as who you hire. please fill in this form and up to four roofers in your local area will be in touch to provide quotes so you can compare prices.

Peter Corbett says:

Hi, I would like a price for a roof clean, and seal

Fred says:

Hi Kathy – you’re being ripped off – get your roof cleaned for £1000. Sealant or recolouring is useless. A new roof should only cost £5-7K

Glyn says:

Hi Kathy,

I second Fred’s comment. There are a myriad of roof painting companies out there just ripping people off and the end product looks awful. Get your roof professionally cleaned with algae and lichen inhibiting chemicals. Or if it’s so bad have it replaced.

Maria Micheal says:

Please provide a quote to clean my roof. It’s end terrace 3bed

Thank you

sdeshmukh says:

Hi Mariam,
We can certainly help you to get no-obligation free quotes. Just fill in this roof clean form and you will get no-obligation quotes from our approved roofing contractors

gerard says:

You should only pay £1500 – £1800 for your detached house including wash ,pointing , fungicide and coating. Dont be fooled that a tub cost £150 a tub cause for a good coating you pay £80 called DAC HYDRO PLUS! End of the day its your water there using! Dont be conned by a good sales man!

mjackson says:

Hi Gerard,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.
We are always trying to educate consumers in regards to avoiding dishonest tradespeople and will ensure that your comment is posted.

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