Guide to Roof Slates Prices and Costs

Slate Roof Cost Summary
Price Range = £0.65 to £5.39 per tile
Average Cost = £1.77 per tile
Cheapest Price = £0.65 per tile

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If your slate roof is damaged or leaking, you may find that replacing roof slates fixes the problem.  You’ll find that roof slate prices are more expensive than other roofing materials; however, since they’re extremely hard-wearing and durable, they will probably last longer than alternatives such as clay tiles.

Roofing Slates Prices

New roof slatesRoofing slate prices will vary depending on the type of slate you choose, some are better quality than others. For example, slate roofing costs will increase if you choose something imported from Spain. Synthetic slate roof tiles prices or second generation tiles, made from a mix of different slates are cheaper options; slate purchased in bulk can also save a lot of money in the long run.

Welsh Roofing Slate Prices

Welsh roof tiles are a popular option as they look great and are incredibly strong. Welsh roof slate prices reflect this and are therefore often higher than other types of slate.  For example, Welsh roof tiles prices from BSO roofing Supplies Online can cost as much as £5.30 per tile, including VAT.

To calculate the cost of slate roof, here are some prices to consider:

 Windsor slate in measurements (inches)  Price per tile (£)  Price per m²
 16×8  0.65  £19.37
 16×10  0.79  £19.08
 18×10  1.00  £20.67
 20×10  1.15  £20.97
 24×12  1.69  £20.80

If you don’t fancy the ‘new-look’ tiles you will be commonly offered by contractors, you can even purchase specially-manufactured ‘weathered’ slate tiles, for a more authentic look for your home. Whatever you choose, just remember that the roof tiles are best installed by a professional roofer.


Omid says:

Hi Dear,
My roof is leaking I want to looked at as soon as posibaul please ,

ablyth says:

Hi, please fill in this form and a roofer in your local area will be in touch to look at your roof.

Susan says:

Hello, I have problems on my roof, do you work all over the UK. Best regards.

mjackson says:

Hello Susan,

Yes – we have contractors based all over the UK.

In order to receive up to 4 free quotes on any roof work you need done, please fill in the online form and we will be happy to try and assist.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

Elizabeth Morgan says:

I am looking to get a new roof, I own a detached property (1928) will a unfelted slate roof. The slates read made in France on the back, not sure if they are worth keeping to re-use, or buy new slate. 90% of the roof is intact, however we need to replace the guttering, new lead valleys, We also have a leak coming in around, and I suspect one of the main beams now has rot as a result. we are keeping an eye on the leak and trying to keep the area dry, we will need scaffolding etc, what sort of ball park figure should I be looking for?

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