Guide to Roof Tile Prices – including Marley, Slate, Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles

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Are you thinking of installing new roof tiles? You will need to decide on which tile will best suit your home and budget. The price of roof tiles UK will depend on the chosen material.

Slate Roof Tile Prices

Slate roof tiles

Slate roof tiles are made from natural material that is both water and temperature change resistant making it ideal for roofing tiles. A good quality slate requires little maintenance and still last more than 100 years. The one downside to slate is its weight and the slate roof tile cost. For best results always hire a professional roofer for installation. Roof tiling costs are additional to the roof tiles cost.

Slate roof tiles from Wales and Spain are more expensive as the quality is higher. A less expensive option is a second generation tile made from different types of slate. The price of slate roof tiles also depends on the supplier.

The cost of slate roof tiles varies depending on the quality and size:

  • From AllSlates Ltd reclaimed Welsh slate tiles cost from £0.80 for a small 16 x 8 tile to £2.80 for a larger 24 x 14 tile before VAT

Get more information on slate roof prices.

Concrete Roof Tile Prices

Not as attractive as clay or slate tiles are concrete roof tiles that are both long lasting and durable and will need little maintenance. The tiles are quite heavy and man-made and need to be sealed to prevent any leaks. The roof structure needs to be strong to carry the weight of the concrete tiles. The price of concrete tiles depends on the supplier but an average price is as follows:

  • Concrete roof tile prices start at £0.86 and go as high as a little over £3. The larger the quantity of tiles you buy the cheaper they become for example at BSO

  • Unit Price for 1 tile £0.86

  • For 2 to 200 tile £0.44 each

  • For 201 to 500 tiles £0.42 each

  • For 501 to 1000 tiles £0.34 each

  • For 1000 to 10,000 tiles £0.29 each

Clay Roof Tiles Prices

Clay roof tile prices

Clay roof tiles come in a variety of colours that won’t fade with time and make a great addition to your home. They are weather and fire resistant but may crack and need replacing more often than tiles of other materials. Thus clay roof tiles may be more expensive long term than slate or concrete tiles.

  • Clay roof tile prices from BSO start at £0.58 and increase to over £2 per tile. The unit price will decrease with the larger quantities purchased.

Marley Roof Tiles Prices

A popular UK brand in roofing tiles is Marley and they manufacture roof tiles in clay, concrete and fibre cement slate in varying colours and sizes to suit any roof. Marley roof tiles from BSO with VAT include:

  • Marley Clay roof tiles start at £0.58 and rise to just a pound for a 265 x 165 mm tile

  • Marley slate roof tiles start at £1.38 for a Thrutone 500 x 250mm to more than £5 for a 600 x 600 mm Rivendale slate tile

  • Marley concrete roof tiles start at £0.86 for a 267 x 168 mm plain tile to nearly £2 for a Mendip interlocking tile 420 x 330 mm

Redland Roof Tile Prices

Redland roof tiles are another popular tile in the UK. The tiles are long lasting and represent good value for money. They come in a range of materials and colours and the cost of roof tiles depends on the supplier and the size and style of the tile. The prices from BSO are as follows:

  • Redland clay roof tiles start at £0.65 for a plain 265 x 165 mm tile to just over £2 for a larger Cathedral Pantile 411 x 265 mm

  • Redland slate roof tiles start at £1.55 for a 418 x 330 mm landmark slate to over £3 for a slate tile from Spain 500 x 250 mm

  • Redland concrete roof tiles start at £0.45 for plain 268 x 165 mm to £3 for a larger 430 x 380 mm Stoneworld II tile

Metal/Zinc Roof Tile Prices

Metal roof tilesRoofing sheets made form metal and zinc come in large sizes and look like roofing tiles. The material is lightweight and durable and can last over 100 years with no maintenance and repair costs. Prices of metal roofing sheets start at around £5.90 to nearly £9 a metre from Cladco LJT.

*Sources: BSO Roofing Supplies Online,, Marley Eternit, Redland roof tiles, Cladco LJT

Mrs Wright says:

We are looking to buy pantils to cover 185 square meteres of roof. These must be a clay pantile. Could you give me an idea of how much you might be able to supply these for to Attleborough Norfolk – Thank you
Mrs Wright

ablyth says:

Hi, to get specific quotes for your project please fill in this form and up to four tradesmen will be in touch to provide free,

Brian says:

Hi i am looking for price of 1600 Britlock Slate tiles alternatively1500 cassius tiles. Manufactured by SANDTOFT. An altenative might be consider suitable for covering 152 m2.

Regards Brian

Julius Boshieli says:

Hello I want to buy 4000 concrete delivered in Jane furse, how much it will cost me including transport

Alfred Clark says:

How much should be the costs of reroofing about 70 m2 in concrete tiles. Also is it better to strip the roof of slates, keeping all good ones , buying the balance and reslating?
Many thanks
A. Clark

mjackson says:

Hi Alfred,

The cost of re-roofing a house depends on two factors: the size of the roof and the material chosen. The price difference can be in the thousands of pounds so think carefully about the material you are using.

3 bedroom semi-detached: 70 square meters will cost on average £4100 however we recommend getting quotes from professionals.

You can request up to 4 free quotes by filling in our online roofing form.

Thanks for you post and we hope that this helps.


sikhu chauke says:

l want 200 zinc tiles how much is going to cost me

mjackson says:

Hi Sikhu
Our contractors will only be able to offer a price for the supply and installation therefore we would suggest contacting a local roofing supplier who maybe able to help.

thabo says:

Need a quote for 4000 clay tiles and also neet to know if u got a branch in Polokwane

mjackson says:

Hi Thabo,

Thanks for your post.

Please feel free to fill in our online request form and we will aim to match you with up to 4 local contractors who will call you in order to arrange a convenient time for them to visit you and provide you with a free quote.

Please note that we do not accept requests for supply of materials only.

We hope this helps.


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