How Much Does it Cost to Run Electric Central Heating?

Cost Summary for Running Electric Central Heating
Price Range = £605 to £1,656
Average Cost = £1,048
Cheapest Price = £605

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Electric heating running costsAs winter descends upon the UK, you want to make sure your home is heated to its maximum potential without having to figure out paying all those large fuel bills – which once again are on the rise in almost every company. To help you and your family keep as warm as possible (without having to resort to turning the heating down) you could always switch your fuel type from gas to electricity – which is a lot easier than it sounds and could save you money.

Obviously electric central heating cost will depend on a number of factors, including the cost from your fuel provider, the efficiency of your chosen heating equipment, the responsiveness of controls and settings and your understanding of them – and even the extent of insulation you already have in your home.

Most of the time, however, electric central heating running costs can balance out your bills in an ideal way; although monthly or quarterly fuel payments would be higher (due to the higher unit energy prices of electricity), there is less annual maintenance year-on-year. This is because individual heaters work individually with electric fuel, so the failure of one won’t lead to a complete system breakdown – meaning electric central heating boilers running costs can ultimately prove cheaper than gas in the long run!

Electric Central Heating Running Costs

To help you think about a potential fuel switch, we’ve outlined the annual fuel prices from a number of leading suppliers – just to give you an idea of what it will cost compared to your current tariff.

Supplier: Flat Bungalow 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4-Bedroom 5-Bedroom
 EDF Energy  £605.00  £1,320.00  £1,010.00  £1,056.00  £1,356.00  £1,656.00
 Ecotricity  £700.00  £850.00  £805.00  £860.00
 Scottish  Power  £900.00  £770.00  £953.00  £1,024.00  £1,200.00
 British Gas  £932.00  £734.00  £899.00  £1,014.00  £1,058.00
 Southern Electric  £889.00  £980.00  £1,005.00  £1,110.00  £1,436.00
 Powergen  £800.00  £815.00  £986.00  £1,096.00  £1,500.00
 Npower  £818.00  £900.00  £1,010.00  £1,232.00

Remember, even if these prices seem a lot higher than your current plans, once you’ve taken repairs and maintenance into account you should begin to see a notable difference. That’s not to say electric central heating requires no looking after whatsoever; installation should comply with all IEE and Part L1 building regulations, and should always be carried out by a fully qualified electrician or engineer. Plus you should make sure your system is fully checked over at least once every five years by a certified surveyor, who will carry out a wire safety and testing inspection just to keep you in peace of mind.

Of course, all these costs are only estimates, and you should look into your own circumstances and compare as many site-specific quotes as you can before choosing a new supplier. And don’t forget, there are plenty of other ways you can continue to reduce your electric central heating bills – just switching off appliances and lights when they’re not in use, using low wattage energy saving bulbs and making sure your home is properly insulated (using curtains, double-glazing etc) can keep you and your family warm right through to spring!

*Source: Prices are accurate as of October 2012

Jean west says:

I live in a rented semi detached house and have a good relation with the committee .At present the house has 5 storage heaters which I would like removed and modern electric ones in their place,with a electric boiler fitted.The landlords would like a few quotes for the whole deal is this a possible program that you would undertake.I live in Birmingham.

ablyth says:

Hi Jean, to get quotes for your electric boiler installation, please fill in this form and up to four engineers in Birmingham will be in touch to provide free quotes.

david campbell says:

i have 6 storage heaters,want removed and new one,s put in,i gas multi point,can you remove it and put electric boiler in,how much would it cost.

sdeshmukh says:

Hi David,
To get free no-obligation quotes, please fill out this form and UP TO 4 Boiler installers will get in touch with you.

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