Secondary Double Glazing Prices and Costs

Secondary double glazing price summary
Price Range = £16 to £165
Average Cost = £97
Cheapest Price = £16 to £30 per frame

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Secondary glazing allows you to have an additional window pane fitted over your existing windows, keeping your home warm and improving its energy efficiency without spoiling the exterior (or interior) look of your home. Frames can be fitted into either timber or metal surrounds, often in a range of coated colours too. Prices usually vary according to the kind of secondary double glazing you choose to install in your home:

  • Fixed/Hinged (Aluminium) – when purchasing a fixed or hinged frame to lay over an existing window (with or without an opening), you need to allow an additional 32mm on the height and width of the frame to account for installation space over the existing panel. For a regular 915x1500mm pane (suitable for half the size of an average living room or double-bedroom) prices usually vary from anything between £16 to £30 per frame.
  • Horizontal Slide (uPVC) – horizontally sliding secondary glazing allows you to choose between secondary and double glazing depending on the weather and outdoor temperature – so you can get the best of both worlds all year round! For a 915x2100mm pane (about the size of a living room or double-bedroom window) prices fall anywhere around £80 to £150 per frame.
  • Vertical Slide (u-PVC) – vertically sliding secondary glazing is best suited to sash windows, as it allows you to preserve the original, authentic design of single glazing while gaining all the benefits of double glazing.  Prices usually come in at around £105 for 1200x600mm pane; £134 for 1800×900; and £165 for a 2400×1200 window.

Secondary glazing might sound like a lot of extra hassle for windows you already have, but this extra pane (not always ‘fixed’ to the window) can save you up to £65 a year on energy bills too – so it really is worth investing in!

James O Dwyer says:

I have existing double hung sash windows and I want to secondary glaze them.
I have two windows size .9600M wide x 1.4500M high.Could you please let me know the details plus cost to secondary glaze them.

Thank you

ablyth says:

Hi James, to get a quote for your glazing project from a qualified professional, please fill in this form and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Priya says:


I would like to get a quote for providing secondary glazing for 4 Sash windows.

Many thanks,


ablyth says:

Hi Priya, Please fill in this form and a window specialist in your local area will get in touch to provide a free quote.

CJ says:

Hi, can I get a quote for secondary glazing for sash windows

ablyth says:

Hi, to get quotes from up to 4 window specialists in your local area, please fill in this form and someone will contact you as

David says:

Hi there could you give me a price fo 1 vertical opening secondary glazing unit. I will be face fitting  it to the existing window which is 750 mm wide x 1210 mm tall.
I would like it as basic as possible but with glass not Perspex. 
Could you also give me an idea of how long it will take to get delivered. 
Kind regards
David Norris. 

ablyth says:

Hi David, to get specific quotes for your window from a local supplier/installer, please fill in this form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Andris says:

I would like to get a quote for providing secondary glazing for 7 Sash windows.
height 2610 width 1100.

mjackson says:

Hi, Unfortunately, we do not have a category for secondary glazing quotes as they are a specilaised product and aren’t fitted by standard window fitters.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help to you.

su says:

Hi ILive in a grade II listed building (external facad only) am I allowed to fit secondary glazing.little confused by whats allowed.

mjackson says:

Hello and thanks for your post,

We would recommend contacting the English Heritage organisation who will be able to provide you with the best advice in regards to what work you are able to undertake on the property.

You can visit their website by clicking the link above.

Kind regards,


William says:

Hi, I am wondering if I can get a quote on secondary glazing for just one window in my flat.
I live in Otley, West Yorkshire.


mjackson says:

Hi William,

We unfortunately do not currently have a category for secondary glazing therefore we would suggest contacting local window companies in your area who will be able to advise / quote on installing secondary glazing for you.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance on this occasion.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

jean says:

Hi I am looking to buy secondary glazin.
I live in a cottage with five smallish windows I am scared of getting the measurements wrong do you do a measuring service.

mjackson says:

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your post.

The contractors on our service, unfortunately, would not be able to offer any quotes in regards to secondary glazing however as a rough guide, a Fixed/Hinged (Aluminium) frame vary from anything between £16 to £30 per frame.

Horizontal Slide (uPVC) fall anywhere around £80 to £150 per frame whereas Vertical Slide (u-PVC) come in at around £105 for 1200x600mm pane; £134 for 1800×900; and £165 for a 2400×1200 window.

We do hope that this information helps and ask that you get back to us should you require further advice or assistance.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

Nina Hathway says:

i woudl like a quote for secondary double glazing for four cottage windown in Hungerford, Berks postcode RG17 0NB


mjackson says:

Hi Nina,

Our contractors will not be able to quote on any secondary glazing however as a guide prices can vary from £16 – £165 (excl VAT) depending on the material and size you require.

Please refer to our cost guide for further information.

You would need to contact a secondary glazing specialist for official quotes.

Mark @ Servicemagic

Brenden says:

Can secondary glazing be fitted in static caravans? If so what companies may do them and costs?

mjackson says:

Hi Brenden,

Our service professional only handle house and flat enquiries therefore i would suggest trying to contact a company that specialises in static caravans.

A Google search should help.


Mark @ Servicemagic

Cynthia Neul says:

We have a 1914 Edwardian home with a curved glass bay. It is a 4 sectioned sash wooden painted window and would like secondary glazing as draughts are a problem. Thankyou

mjackson says:

Hi Cynthia,

We do not, currently, have a section for secondary glazing however, i suggest searching online for local installers.

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