What are the Benefits of Using Glass Tile?

Glass TileIf your home constantly seems dull and dark, it might be down to the fact that your interior design isn’t making the most of the light that’s actually available. Certain materials, colours and/or styles can really affect the overall look or ambiance of a room, and as the days grow shorter you want your home to feel as bright and spacious for as long as possible. So what kind of building materials or surfaces are your best bets for gaining this special, illuminating quality to a room?


9 Advantages of Using Glass Tile

One material growing in popularity among homeowners in recent years is glass tile. Unlike some other stone or masonry options, glass tile acts as an instant reflector of light, making the indoors feel wider and more welcoming while also keeping rooms brighter for longer. Whether you’re looking to install glass wall tile, glass floor tile, or simply want to redo or replace any other surface in your home, there are a number of great advantages of choosing glass tile – some of which are outlined below:

  • First of all, glass tile comes in a range of colours, shapes, patterns and designs that can all be customised to suit your personal tastes. Whether you want something bold and outrageous, cool and calming or neat and traditional, there are various themes and styles for you to choose from.
  • Glass tile can additionally be styled into high-concept glass mosaic tile designs, commonly found in swimming pool interiors but also great for around fireplaces, on walls or floors or even kitchen glass tile backsplash surfaces.
  • If you purchase too much of the tile material or want to adjust patterns as part of a DIY project, it’s also good to know that glass tile can be shaped easily to match your existing interior décor. Conscientious homeowners can get going with a small glass tile cutter, which can be purchased from a number of DIY retailers or wholesalers for as little as £15 to £30!
  • Using glass tile also provides a smooth, glossy finish compared to duller ceramic tiles or porcelain, lending your home or chosen room an elegant atmosphere that goes well with almost any indoor furniture and/or colour scheme.
  • Glass tile also has a number of more functional benefits; for one thing, it is extremely watertight, so you don’t have to worry about water permeating the surface and causing a sudden onset of mould or mildew – which looks unsightly and in more severe instances can even cause respiratory problems.
  • As a result, glass tile is also surprisingly durable and long lasting; it doesn’t stain, fade or scratch easily and lasts for up to ten years – often longer.
  • It is also very easy to clean – just use a damp cloth or sponge mixed with some mild soap or cleaning agent that doesn’t contain too many corrosive chemicals, as these will eventually tear away at the glass surface and cause unattractive blemishes to appear.
  • Glass tile is weatherproof too, usually proving resilient to the wettest or most thunderous storms; making it a great option for outdoor areas such as patios, barbeques or swimming pool surfaces.
  • Finally, you can now often purchase recycled glass tile or reclaimed materials. It uses less energy in the manufacturing process, and is therefore good for the environment too! So you can have that great new surface you’ve been looking for while knowing that you’re also reducing the impact of your carbon footprint – it really is a win-win situation!

Jyoti K Jagasia says:

need to put glass tiles in bathroom walls and other tiles in bedroom wall.

mjackson says:

Hi Jyoti,

Thanks for your post.

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