Government Grants for Home and Loft Insulation

home insulationInstalling insulation in your home can save you money on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint – according to the Energy Saving Trust you could save up to £135 every year by installing cavity wall insulation and as much as £175 with loft insulation. With so many insulation grants and offers around, it’s now the perfect time to get your home insulated. You may be able to receive government grants for insulation through one of the schemes below:

Insulation Grants – England & Ireland

Warm Front Scheme: provides government grants for loft insulation as well as draught proofing, water tank insulation, cavity wall insulation and central heating. Grants of up to £3,500 are available or up to £6,000 if you heat you home with oil or low carbon technology. Warm Front Grants are being phased out over the next few years; to be eligible you must be aged over 60 or receiving benefits.

Insulation Grants – Scotland

Energy Assistance Package: this is available for elderly Scottish residents and those on benefits. The scheme provides help with installing insulation and new central heating.

Insulation Grants – Wales

The Fuel Poverty Scheme (NEST):  replaces the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme and is aimed at vulnerable, hard-to heat properties in Wales. Grants are provided through this scheme for household insulation and heating improvements.

Insulation Grants – Northern Ireland

Warm Homes Scheme: this is similar to the Warm Front Scheme but applies to eligible residents in Northern Ireland.

You may also be eligible for a home insulation grant through your local council or Home Improvement Agency, check with yours to find out if you’re eligible.

Other Insulation offers

Energy Suppliers are obliged through the Carbon Emissions Reductions Targets (CERT) to provide insulation grants to customers. Here are details of the free house insulation offers the big five energy companies in the UK offer:

British Gas Insulation Grants – the company offer both new and old customers free cavity wall insulation if they are on benefits or aged over 70.

E-on Insulation Grants – provide wall and roof insulation grants for those over 70 and in receipt of many types of benefit. Their prices for installing insulation if you don’t qualify for free insulation start at £150.

Scottish Power Insulation Grants – give free insulation to all customers until the 30th September 2012. In addition, if you’re a pensioner or are on certain benefits, you could receive a £100 high street voucher for installing cavity wall and loft insulation.

EDF Insulation Grants – provide free insulation for all customers until the end of October 2012. If you’re a pensioner or on certain types of benefits you could also receive a £100 voucher for each insulation measure you install (for loft and cavity wall insulation).

Npower Insulation Grants – offer free loft and cavity wall insulation to those over 70 or in receipt of certain benefits, even if you’re not an Npower customer. If you’re not eligible for free insulation they offer insulation for around £149 per measure.

Check the terms and conditions for all of these deals to make sure you qualify.

The Green Deal

The government are launching their new Green Deal scheme in autumn 2012 which will provide loans of up to £6,000 per household for installing energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and solid wall insulation. Through the scheme, a free energy assessment will be carried out on properties to establish which measures are suitable for that property. The cost of installing these energy efficiency measures will be paid back through savings in household energy bills over time.

trevor.hill Hill says:

These suppliers usually make a point of offering a large variety of products from different manufactures so as to give the customers a wide range from which to choose.the insulation suppliers ought to be willing to help and give customers advice on the best products from which companies which can do a particular job. If you are businessman that deals in large scale building then they will certainly be with you all the way giving you advice and making sure that you always come back. They also offer services of high quality, support to all their clients, products which are of high quality at affordable prices and any other service that you might inquire of them.There are many people who have homes and do not know the first thing about energy saving benefits that can be attained by insulation. In such a case it would be wiser to talk to these insulation suppliers and they will certainly offer the required advice and tell you the benefits of these insulation.  it the first step towards saving energy in your home.thank you for you time

Eamonn P Hoy says:

WE are a couple, both over 70 , who are interested in loft insulation. We understand that Npower offer free loft insulation to people over 70. How do we apply for suc assistance.

Eamonn P Hoy

sdeshmukh says:

Hi Eamonn,
To apply directly, call Npower on 0800 980 2135 or call EnergySavingTrust on 0300 123 1234 to find more options for loft insulation grants.

Kellie Mcnulty says:

Hi I am want loft and wall insulation how do I apply

mjackson says:

Hi Kellie,

Are you looking for independent quotes or are you enquiring regarding the government insulation grant?

Should you be looking to receive quotes for a private job then feel free to fill in this form however should you be enquiring about government grants, i recommend that you visit the Energy saving trust website for further information on grants in your area.

We hope this helps

Mark @ ServiceMagic

valerie mason says:


mjackson says:

Hi Valerie,

There are a number of grants that you could be considered for.

I would suggest taking a look at our article titled ”Government Grants for Home and Loft Insulation” as this will give you a list of grants that are available.

You could also contact your local DWP office who would also be able to advise on your options.

We hope that this information helps.

Mark @ Servicemagic

Mr Chris young says:

Hi, jive just had my loft boarded out to make extra storage. My roof needs to be insulated can I get a grant or some government Funding ? Many thanks Chris Young

mjackson says:

Hello Mr Young,

Thanks for the post.

Most grants will only be available for those that are in receipt of benefits or are on a low income however it’s worth taking a look on the energy saving trust website where you can find more information on what grants are available and who can apply.

I hope this helps.

Mark @ Servicemagic

Ian Gay says:

Quite some years ago I, along with many others, was persuaded to have cavity wall insulation installed. This has bridged the cavity and allowed water to penetrate. Are there any grants available for the expensive business of removing this insulation to allow the cavity to fulfill its intended purpose ?

mjackson says:

Hi Ian,
The contractors signed up to our service will only be able to offer a quote on a private job therefore it would be best to speak to your local council.
I hope this helps.
Mark @ Servicemagic

Sue says:

Hi my husband is 65 I am 61
We have a very draughty house
Can we get any help to draught proof it?

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