Guide to Cheap House Alarms

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House AlarmsIf you’re looking for a cheap house alarm to keep your property safe, but are worried about how much it might end up costing you, don’t worry too much – in these times of economic hardship house alarms retailers and manufacturers have come up with a wide range of cheap home alarms that will prevent thieves and intruders from breaking into your house and let you and your family get-on with life with a bit of additional peace of mind! To help give you an idea of the different kinds of cheap burglar alarm systems on the market, we’ve briefly outlined three of the more popular alarm packages (although features will vary from store to store) and the various kinds of home-protection features they have to offer.

Basic Home Alarm Kit

A basic home alarm kit is the most affordable kind of cheap burglar alarm, and can often be purchased from most retailers, including a number of national, big-name stores. The kit usually includes a PIR motion sensor and door-contact alarm system, suitable for a large single room or a small downstairs area. These cheap house alarms work via wireless technology (so batteries will need to be changed regularly), but still cost as little as £50 to £60.

Premium Home Alarm Kit

Like a basic home alarm kit, the premium alarm unit is a cheap home alarm system that is designed to keep you and your property safe with the help of a bit of extra technology. It also works via wireless technology, but also includes a telecommunication panel where you can store up to three different numbers; if the alarm is triggered, it will immediately and automatically attempt to contact you via one of these, allowing you to be updated as soon as the system suspects something might be amiss. Premium kits can usually be set according to a timer too, so are only in use when you know you’re going to be out of the home. Prices will vary depending on the quality of these features, but most premium alarm kits can be found for anywhere between £90 to £110.

Family Home Alarm System

A more extensive family home alarm package might not be most cheap alarm system for the home you can find, but it does come with a range of additional extras, including:

  • An exterior yellow-siren box that acts as a highly-visible deterrent to potential burglars
  • LED flashlight and siren technology if activated
  • PIR motion sensors
  • Telecommunication panel and mobile technology
  • Digital display for ease of access
  • Exit-Entry activation features (including a timer)

Of course, the extensive home-protection qualities available on a family alarm system make it much more reliable than an ordinary basic kit, giving you a bit of extra peace of mind and the ability to tailor the technology according to your day-to-day activities. As a result, however, you should be prepared to pay a bit extra for such a system; usually somewhere around £135 to £150*. It may be a little higher than what you have in mind when thinking of ‘cheap’ home alarm systems, but it does offer the best kind of security that you can install yourself – so make sure you choose your alarm carefully.

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