Kitchen Splashback Tiles: Designs and Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash TilesIf you enjoy making the most of your cooking area and like spending a lot of time in the kitchen coming up with fancy new recipes or great food ideas for you and your family, then you want it to be the most functional and useful – but also welcoming – place it can be. And if you think your kitchen’s missing that special centre-piece, why not think of installing a kitchen splashback tile to brighten the place up.

Kitchen splashback tiles are clean, durable and long-lasting and prove to be a great way of both protecting your kitchen area and providing an even, smooth finish to the hob and oven that really makes a difference to how your room looks on entering.

Of course, there are many different types of tiles to choose from, and to help you make an informed decision we’ve listed the following kitchen splashback tile ideas:

  • Wood Grain effects – wooden tiles are a clean, natural-looking option that blends neatly into almost any kitchen environment, but especially those with a rustic or country-house feel to them. They aren’t distracting or obvious and often come in a variety of hues depending on your tastes.
  • Metal / Chrome effects – metal or chrome provides that instant professional sheen used by most chefs and cooks in industrial kitchens. Like glass kitchen tiles for backsplash as well it’s easy to clean and wipe down after use, and unlike colour options doesn’t fade over time.
  • Mosaic Tile Backsplash– the great thing about kitchen splashback tiles for most homeowners is that they come in a range of colours, shades and patterns and can ultimately be customised to match existing wallpaper and interior decoration, or even to blend in with your existing kitchen tiling or worktop surfaces. Mosaic tiles in bold pinks and yellows make for great focal points, but softer greys and blues also work just as well if you want something more low-key.
  • Single Colour – splashback tiles can also be purchased in single-colour designs. This might sound like a simple and rather obvious idea to go with, but these plain choices can often stand-out without looking too unsightly or garish. Plus there are literally hundreds of plain shades to choose from, so whether you like bold or pastel it only affects your current interior design to the degree you choose.
  • Photographs/Images – some more exciting options for homeowners eager to put a more innovative stamp on their kitchen include image-based splashback tiles; choose anything from a rose, puppy or wildlife scene to a garden setting or even an array of food images.
  • Personalised Images – if you really want to make your kitchen splashback tile your own, you could even have a personalised photograph scanned onto the tile; whether it be a lovely family memory or a certain dinner or successful recipe you’re particularly proud of.

Cost of Kitchen Splashback Tiles

The cost of these tiles will vary depending on the size you need and the type of colour, pattern or style you choose, but according to, most kitchen backsplash tiles can be purchased for anywhere from £190.00 to £210.00 per backsplash. When you come to think of it, this isn’t all that expensive for a simple way to brighten up your cooking area. This doesn’t include labour charges if you want it fitted by a professional tiler, but alternatively you can just as well learn how to tile a splashback all by yourself. It’s as easy as laying an adhesive and applying it to the desired space with purchased sealant – allowing you to save on ‘installation’ fees in the process too!

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