Guide to LPG Central Heating: Costs of Installation and Running

LPG heatingLPG Home Heating, also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas heating, is an alternative option that is growing in popularity among domestic property-owners in the UK. Designed as a safe-to-use alternative to regular gas central heating or oil-burning boilers, LPG can be stored in cylinders or tanks on any property large enough to house it. In some areas, LPG gas can even be delivered direct from a pipeline straight to your heating system.


What are the Benefits of LPG Central Heating?

Not many people, however, have heard of LPG. So why fork out for LPG central heating installation costs and LPG central heating running costs and take the time to switch from your current supplier?

  • Well, LPG heating has often proven to be more reliable than standard central heating, allowing you to budget more accurately for future utility bills and keep you home warm for as long as you like.
  • It also produces the lowest carbon emissions amongst popular fuel choices during manufacture and processing; 19% less than oil, 30% less than coal and 50% less than electricity – so it’s better for the environment in the long run.
  • LPG gas heating also burns cleanly, meaning that there is little risk of ground or water pollution, either during heating or in storage.
  • It acts as an ideal central heating back-up plan in rural areas of the UK, where local gas mains don’t always provide adequate services in isolated locations.
  • LPG central heating boilers should also be fitted by Gas Safe registered installers – so you don’t have to worry about any dodgy cowboy builders trying to fix you up with a sub-standard system.

So you’ve seen all the benefits and advantages – but how do LPG home heating prices fare when compared to standard gas and oil tariffs?

LPG Central Heating Costs – Installation & Running

Well, technically oil-burning boilers are cheaper to install (get oil boiler prices here). However, that doesn’t mean LPG heating costs or initial LPG heating prices are always more expensive in the long run; it all depends on how much you use your boiler and whether or not where you live makes the extra investment worth it:

  •  lists the average set-up/installation cost for LPG heating at around £4,000
  • puts the price of LPG heating at a more vague £2,500 to £6,000.
  • an annual sum of £1,300 as the average LPG gas central heating price
  • LPG heating prices at as low as £926 to £1,000.

Ultimately, the final cost of LPG heating will depend on a number of different factors, including the size of your property and the number of radiators installed on the property, as well as the number of people regularly in the home. Just make sure you shop around and compare quotes from a number of different providers or suppliers before signing a contract.It may also be worth finding out whether you’re eligible for a central heating grant to help with the costs of installing LPG gas heating. If you live in a rural area off the gas mains, it’s likely that you’ll be eligible for some kind of grant.

Installers should be fully qualified too, so check credentials before they get started on any serious installation work. As long as you follow these tips and take your time before making a final decision, you should be able to find LPG central heating costs to suit you, no matter where you are in the UK!

W Brotherton says:

We are looking to buy a house in a rural area without mains gas. Will a LPG system work for gas cooker and also heating needs of the house. What is the “ball-park” cost of a) installation & b) running costs – 4 bed semi. 3 reception rooms? Would the gas storage be via a big tank installed in the garden- filled up from time to time – or the big. red portable bottles?

mjackson says:


As we aren’t professional heating installers, it would be hard for us to advise.

We would suggest contacting a local heating company who will be able to advise further.

Thanks for your post

Judy Freer says:

we moved to a very remote stone property 4 years ago. We have LPG for cooking, hot water and central heating. This was already installed. We are warm, have plenty of hot water and I cook every day. We find it very economical. We pay approx. £1,000 per year and wouldn’t change it.

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