Bathroom refurbishment – how much does it cost?

Are you bored of your dull, dated bathroom? Then find out how much a bathroom refurbishment costs here.

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If the cost of a new bathroom is putting you off having it done, there are some ways to make it cheaper and you can have that lovely new bathroom you have been dreaming off.

How much does a bathroom cost?

The cost of bathroom refurbishment will depend on the price of the products you choose. You might the most luxurious spa bath or just a plain tub with a shower. The cost will really depend on what you want. An average bathroom cost is between £1500 and £5000 depending on the products you choose. Labour will be between £400 and £500 according to Trade advisor UK.

How can I save money on my bathroom refurbishment cost?

There are a few tips to help you save on your bathroom costs:

  1. Shop around and compare prices, you could save hundreds of pounds
  2. Do I really need an en suite? Is a question you need to ask as they can be pricey if there is no plumbing to the area? Maybe an extra toilet would be a better option for your family.
  3. Don’t change the size or shape of your bathroom. This involves costly building work.
  4. Think about refinishing your bath instead of replacing it.
  5. Avoid natural products like stone as they are a lot more expensive. There are some good tile products that look just like stone. If you really want stone look around for reclaimed stone as it is cheaper.
  6. Don’t replace all of the fixtures if you don’t have to. This could save you hundreds of pounds by leaving your old toilet or hand basin in place.
  7. Check out the discounted tile range, places will sell last year’s tiles at a cheaper price to make way for new stock. This could cut your bathroom cost by hundreds.
  8. Wait for the sales you could save lots on everything. You could get top of the range fixtures for the price of average ones.

I have a bigger budget, what else can I get for my money?

Even if you have a large budget it is still worth considering the tips above as you will have more to spend on other things such as:

  • Wet rooms are great if you have the space to enjoy the luxury of no shower or bath screen. The average price for a wet room alone is greater than £5000
  • Install heated towel rails so you will never have cold clammy towels again. These are priced from around £60.
  • Spoil yourself with an en suite. This is a great selling point for your home if and when you want to sell. The cost will start at £5000 and if you need plumbing and more wiring ait will be a lot more as labour costs are high

Should I hire a contractor?

In most cases this would definitely be advisable, after all what is the point in buying a stunning new bathroom if the end job looks shoddy and incomplete? It will end up being a waste of your time, whereas if you hire a contractor to do the job for you, you should end up with a far better and much more professional end result. If you do decide to hire a contractor, remember to ring around a few local ones in your area to get a feel for a quote. Also ask family and friends for recommendations.

vito says:

Hi There,can you please contact me to discuss a quotation to refurbish my bathroom?
Many Thanks

mjackson says:

Hi Vito,

Thanks for your post.

Please feel free to fill in our online request form and we will aim to match you with up to 4 local contractors who will call you in order to arrange a convenient time for them to visit you and provide you with a free quote.

Abraham Samuel says:

I would like to refurbish my bathroom and utility room as soon as possible.

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