Front door maintenance in Leeds

Your front door is among the first things visitors get to see of your home in Leeds and you use it every day – so make sure yours is well maintained.

front doors maintenance

Protect your home by maintaining
your front door

You open and close your front door countless times and it is exposed to the weather twenty four hours a day – so it needs regular maintenance to keep it working properly and looking great. Different types of doors require different levels of maintenance depending on the type and material, as well as on the climate conditions. Front door maintenance in Leeds may be less extensive than in properties closer to the sea or with an otherwise rougher climate but carrying out regular maintenance can still lengthen the lifespan of your door significantly.

Front door materials

The front door is the face of a house, it can make or break a first impression of the property so maintenance is important. Front door maintenance needs will vary depending on the type of material you are dealing with. Generally there are two major types of front doors in Leeds: wooden doors or doors with a wooden surface, or uPVC doors. Other door types include the most durable, composite and metal doors which require very minimal maintenance except occasional cleaning.

Wooden front doors in Leeds

The more traditional wooden front doors in Leeds require quite a high level of maintenance. If the coating is damaged, water can get in and cause swelling and sticking. Small cracks in the front door can also reduce thermal performance in the winter. Therefore the function and lifespan of your wooden front door can be significantly enhanced if you have it weatherproofed or repainted regularly, the hinges may need adjusted and oiling as well.

uPVC front doors in Leeds

Front doors with a uPVC surface require significantly less maintenance than wooden front doors. The same applies for fiberglass front doors. Usually, the hinges only need to be oiled once a year to make sure they don’t deteriorate too quickly or start to squeak. UPVC and fibreglass front doors also need to be cleaned but they do not require paint or gloss to keep them weather proofed. Sometimes, especially in the case of decorated front doors, the finish might have to be reset due to bleaching from the the sun or dust damage. Hiring a door specialist in Leeds to do the job will provide you with your desired results.

Front doors with windows in Leeds

If your front door in Leeds has a window, it might require special maintenance. The frame should be checked regularly and there should be no cracks in the glass. If there are smaller cracks or more significant damage you can hire a glazer in Leeds to fix your front door window.

Maintaining the front door lock

Usually the front door lock is opened and closed several times every day and is therefore subject to deterioration. Every couple of years, especially if you find that it’s malfunctioning, you should have your lock checked by a locksmith to make sure it’s working reliably.

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