How much does a conservatory cost?

A conservatory increases the size of your property whilst also bringing your garden and home together – find out how much it costs to install a conservatory here.

conservatory cost

A conservatory will add space
and value to your property

A perfect area to relax in, the conservatory is suitable all year around whether you’re enjoying the sun or the patter of rain hitting the windows above your head. Installing a conservatory is also an easy way to expand your home; they provide an area to relax or to entertain in and are also likely to substantially increase the value of your property. Conservatories are also one of the easiest types of home extensions to carry out as they will cause minimal disruption to the existing property.

What sort of conservatory should you go for?

Most conservatories tend to poke out from one side of the house and are often square or rectangular. Older types of Victorian conservatories tended to be made of wood or metal and were circular. Although conservatories aren’t generally made from metal or wood anymore, the circular shape is still popular. An alternative to this is a rectangular shaped conservatory, with a semi-circular front. Not all conservatories jut out from the property though – it is also possible to have an L-shape conservatory that hugs the walls of the house and won’t stick outwardly.

Conservatories tend to be fairly minimalistic, with the inside sporting a couple of chairs or a sofa, a table and maybe some plants. Their minimalism is often their charm, but you can get away with having a television or music system in there without them looking out of place.

Make your conservatory energy efficient

Conservatories can get nippy during the winter, so youmay wish to invest in double glazing to help retain heat. A better alternative is Celsius performance glass, which can help to retain 50% more heat than standard glass. Furthermore, windows are now becoming better and better insulated and some have an easy to understand energy rating system to help determine which are the most efficient.

Another option is the addition of a second door between the house and the conservatory, which can trap more heat and help keep your energy costs and carbon footprint down. Further heat loss can be obtained with a polycarbonate roof; these arethicker than standard roofs and help to retain heat. Without sufficient insulation, you may find your conservatory is “out of bounds” during the winter period.

Planning permission for conservatories

Planning permission is not hugely restrictive when it comes to conservatories, though it is always essential to either make sure you don’t need it and if you do, to apply for it before beginning work. Generally,conservatories must not take up more than 50% of your garden and must not face a road and additionally, they must not be higher than any existing roof of the house. A professional contractor will deal with any building regulations and ensure that your conservatory fits comfortably within the rules of building law.

How much do conservatories cost?

The style and size of your conservatory will be some of the main deciding factors in how much your conservatory costs. As with any home improvement or extension it is important to hire a professional to build the conservatory, else a DIY attempt may be bodged and result in a conservatory with not only a short life span, but one that doesn’t adhere to the regulations. The cost of a conservatory will sometimes start as low as £5,000 for a small one, though you will be lucky to find a price as good as this. Most conservatories will cost approximately £10,000 and upwards with £20,000 usually being the higher limit. However, if you do pay that much you can be sure your conservatory will be particularly well built and you are likely to be able to include furnishing in that price too. Compare quotes from three or more contractors to ensure you receive the best deal on your conservatory.


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