How much does an electric garage door cost?

Electric garage doors don’t have to cost the earth – find out about the options and how much they cost here.

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Electric garage doors provide safety and convenience

There are four main types of electric garage doors that are used for residential homes. They are easily distinguished by the mechanism that moves them, which is either a chain, screw, belt or torsion spring. Before you decide which type of electric garage door you will go for you’ll need to consider the cost, the maintenance involved and how noisy they will be. You may need to compromise in order to get the electric garage door that best suits your needs and is the most cost-effective option for your household. Here are the options:

  1. Chain

Whilst this option costs the less, you will have to compromise on noise levels and maintenance involved.

How does it work? The chain winds into the power head and pulls the carriage that is mounted to the door bracket. Then, once the garage door opener is activated, the chain will slap the rail. This slapping noise can be very loud, and is often reduced on more expensive models. However, due to the power head this system will still be quite noisy.

The maintenance side of a chain electric door is quite extensive, due to the amount of moving parts. It is important that if you go for this sort of electric garage door you maintain it properly in order to reduce the wear and tear of the chain.

  1. Screw

This option is a good compromise, as it is not too costly but far less noisy than the chain electric garage door option.

How does it work? A grooved carriage rides under a worm screw. When the garage door opener is activated the worm screw moves the carriage, which in turn lifts the door.

As an extra bonus, screw electric garage doors are not only cost-effective, but also require the least amount of maintenance, as they have the least amount of moving parts. They are also the strongest and fastest option available.

  1. Belt

If you don’t mind sacrificing cost for a bit of peace and quiet then this is the electric garage door for you.

How does it work? It’s pretty much the same as the chain version but in this case the noisy, loud chain is swapped in favour of a much quieter rubber belt.

However, because it has a lot of different parts, this type of electric garage door will require quite a bit of maintenance. It should last you a while though, and lots of manufacturers will offer you a good warranty on the rubber belt and the power head.

  1. Torsion spring

If you’re limited on space and don’t mind the higher cost, then this could be the electric garage door for you. Whilst torsion spring garage doors are the most expensive option, their design allows them to be installed in much less space than the other types, perfect if you’re only got a limited amount of room.

How does it work? Unlike any other style of electric garage door, torsion spring garage doors do not have a rail. Instead, they turn the torsion spring rod directly, which means they are very quiet.

They are quite maintenance heavy though, if the power head moves out of alignment even by a little bit, then the garage door will jam. This can be quite off-putting for those looking for an easy, no-hassle option.

Are electric garage doors safe?

Most electric garage doors these days come with an infrared safety beam; if this gets broken the garage door opener will go into reverse. If you don’t mind the cost going up a bit, then you could buy an electric garage door with a pressure switch for extra safety. The pressure switch sense minute increases in the amount of pressure exerted by the door. When the pressure increases too much, the door will switch from the down cycle to the up.

How much does an electric garage door cost?

Electric garage doors are not cheap, and costs start at around £800 for a good quality one. However be sure to keep your eye out for sales and deals. Get at least three quotes from an electric garage door fitter before you hire and don’t forget to check their reference and insurance credentials too.

ali says:

hi i am after a insulated garage door either sectional or roller, 7x7ft standard size opening, im based in sheffield, remote controlled in either black or white ideally black, can u please call me and let me know of your best price either supplied or supply and fit thanks ali

mjackson says:

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your comment however we don’t cover insulation of garage doors so wouldn’t be able to assist on this occasion.

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