How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

Installing cavity wall insulation will save you money and make your home more comfortable – find out how much it costs here.

cavity wall insulation cost

Cavity wall insulation will keep your fuel bills down

With the installation of cavity wall insulation your heating system will be more efficient-find out the cost here.

If your home was built after 1920 it is likely that there is a cavity between the two layers of external walls. By insulating this space you will stop heat from escaping and reduce condensation in your home. This can save you as much as £150 a year on your gas fuel bills according to the Energy Saving Trust. The cavity insulation cost will depend on access to walls and the product you choose for insulation.

How much does wall insulation cost and is my house suitable?

Not every house will be suitable for cavity wall insulation; solid walls require a different treatment. If your external walls are in good condition and the cavity is greater than 50mm then this insulation is suitable for your home. A professional insulator will drill small holes in the exterior wall and then blow in an insulation material that is made of polystyrene beads, urea formaldehyde foam, glass wool or rock wool.

How much does blow in wall insulation cost?

Wall cavity insulation cost will depend on whether you choose a foam product or a wool product. Wool and rock glass is blown into the cavity to ensure the entire cavity is filed with insulation.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

The EST has put the cost of cavity wall insulation at around £500 but due to government grants and initiatives it could cost you less than half this amount or be free. The savings you will gain mean that in 4 years you will have paid for your insulation.

Energy savings

Saving are around £140 per year depending on how well your house was insulated before the cavity wall insulation is installed. If your house is very draughty and a lot of heat was lost through the walls you can save even more on energy costs.

The Mark Group cavity wall insulation price is from £473.

Under Carbon Emission Reduction Target guidelines energy companies are required to help home owners and tenants make their homes more energy efficient by providing free or subsidised insulation.

The cavity wall insulation cost with subsidies:

  • British Gas offer free insulation for people receiving certain benefits

  • British Gas are offering you £50 if you refer a person eligible for the free offer

  • Npower offer insulation ofr £149 and free to certain people on benefits

  • Scottish Power offer subsidies to customers and others on certain benefits

  • Sainsbury power offer free insulation to customers over 70 years of age or people on certain benefits

Am I eligible for free insulation?

There are some government and energy company grants that will subsidise the cost of cavity wall insulation in total.

Keep Warm scheme

  • offers free cavity wall insulation  by grants for every one even if you are working but government funds are limited so apply now

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

This scheme has taken over from the CERT scheme and started in January 2013. The funding is for people who are at risk and are facing fuel poverty. In other words it is to help people who are unable to afford the costs of fuel for the colder months. The funding is for hard to heat properties and for people on low incomes and certain benefits. The idea behind ECO is to help people in the UK save on their energy costs. ECO works alongside the Green Deal to provide support and funding to do improvements to their homes that will increase energy efficiency.

Hiring a cavity wall insulation installer

You need to ensure that you hire a qualified professional who is registered with one of the following associations:

  • The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

  • The British Board of Agreement

  • The National Insulation Association

You need to make sure that all materials are covered by a guarantee and check that the tradesman carries a valid public liability insurance policy, references and has supplied you with a quote. Insulation providers will ascertain if you have a home suited to cavity wall insulation.

Lynda corbett says:

I have a green deal assessment. We would like our cavity wall done. We live in Brighton and would like this done ASAP.

Can you advise?

mjackson says:

Hi Lynda,

An assessment would be the first step of 4 (the others being Finance, Installation and repayment) therefore in order to get further information, i recommend that you visit the Energy Saving Trusts websites Green Deal section.

We hope that this information helps.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

tom ridley says:

Can you recommend a good reliable local installer of cavit insulation I live in westonsupermare

mjackson says:

Hi Tom,

In order to receive contact from up to 4, offering appointments for free quotes, please fill in our online cavity insulation form and we will ask the contractors to contact you in the next 24 hours in order to make the arrangements.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

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