How much does it cost to hire a garden maintenance company?

Hiring a garden maintenance company is a great way of saving yourself the time and bother of looking after your garden – find out how much it costs here.

garden maintenance company

A garden maintenance company will take
good care of your garden

If you don’t want to spend a large portion of your free time maintaining and looking after your garden, hiring a garden maintenance company is a great solution.

What will a garden maintenance company do?

A garden maintenance company will carry out a variety of jobs, but you may need to discuss and agree on a price for anything non-standard or expertise related such as looking after rare flowers. Tasks a garden maintenance company will carry out include:

Lawn maintenance: a garden maintenance company will care for and look after your lawn. This involves things such as cutting the grass, applying lawn treatments, ‘scarifying’ the lawn, aeration and replacing grass.

Hedge maintenance: this involves planting hedges, weeding, weed prevention and pruning.

Other miscellaneous work: a good garden maintenance company will also work on other areas such as your patio or driveway, for instance cleaning these areas with a pressure washer. They will also make sure the garden irrigation systems are working correctly. It is also very important that your garden maintenance company disposes of excess waste in a legal manner.

Hire a member of a trade association for garden maintenance

Many professionals are members of trade associations and work to a set standards of quality. Some associations also offer training to ensure consistency in its members work. Hiring a contractor who is a member of a trade association is a great benefit because you can be sure of their quality of work. Additionally, many trade associations have a dispute resolution service in case you are not satisfied with the service you’ve received Some of the trade associations to look out for when hiring a garden maintenance company are:

  • British Association of Landscaping Industries (BALI)
  • Association of Professional Landscapers (APL)
  • Horticultural Trade Association (HTA)
  • Professional Gardeners Guild (PGG)

Compare quotes and references

It is essential when hiring a garden maintenance company that you compare the quotes and references of prospective contractors. Contractors will almost always offer a free quote for the work – it is recommended you get three or more quotes before you hire to ensure you get a reasonable price for the work at hand. If you can’t decide between contractors then check their references for good testimonials from previous satisfied customers and make sure they have valid insurance.

The cost of hiring a garden maintenance company

The cost of hiring a garden maintenance company will depend on a variety of factors such as the services they are offering, what equipment they will use; how far away from them you are located, and so on. The average price of hiring a garden maintenance company is about £12 upwards per hour; there may be a discount if there are multiple hours of work involved. Some garden maintenance companies may charge roughly £20 to £25 per hour for two tradespeople to be working – you must consider if your garden is big enough to warrant this much work.  It is also recommended that you hire a garden maintenance company early in the season, because many fill up later on and as such have waiting lists.


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