How much do swimming pools cost?

Swimming pools are great for exercising and cooling off in the summer, so why not install one at home? Find out how much swimming pools cost here.

Wish you could cool off at home with your very own swimming pool? Or perhaps you want to exercise without having to head to the gym or just keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays? Whatever the reason, here’s the lowdown on how much a pool could cost you.

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Indoor swimming pool cost

The obvious advantages of indoor pools are that you can stay warm and swim all year round. However, indoor pools will cost more to build and may require planning permission. A heated and air conditioned indoor pool, plus the outbuilding would cost around £40,000 – £50,000, says pool installer Lee Giles, from J Lunnon Pools and Spas in East Sussex .

Swimming pool installation

Whatever swimming pool you decide to install, make sure that you ask your local authority whether you need planning permission for the project. It’s important that you hire a professional pool installation company, so get at least three quotes before deciding on a swimming pool contractor.

Built in pool price

Usually heated, submerged (or built in) pools are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your garden. Built in pools are normally constructed from concrete with a uPVC or fibreglass lining, sometimes tiled. You will need to regularly maintain the pool and cover and drain in winter. Lee suggests that: “A standard sized, outdoor heated pool would cost on average £30,000 – £35,000.”

Swimming pool enclosure cost

A swimming pool enclosure is easy to fit and usually doesn’t need planning permission. Buying a pool enclosure will reduce heat loss from the water’s surface and therefore reduce the amount of chemicals and maintenance needed. Martin Paine, from Arcus Pool Enclosures in Cambridgeshire explains that: “Enclosures are great for security and give you nine months plus use out of the pool each year.” According to Martin, the average cost of a pool enclosure is around £8,000.

Above ground swimming pool price

Above ground (or freestanding pools) are easy to install and dismantle, so you can take them down in winter or if you move house. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, made of plastic galvanised metal walls with a waterproof liner. Lee points out that: “Above ground pools do need a lot of maintenance and cleaning.” Depending on size and material, an above ground pool could cost as little as £100.


Natural swimming pool price

Natural swimming pools, sometimes called swimming ponds, originated in Germany and Austria and are now becoming steadily more popular in the UK. Unlike conventional pools, swimming ponds clean the water naturally using plants and plankton (often installed and separated round the edge of the swimming area). This means that you don’t need to use chemicals. Natural pool installer Tim Evans, from GartenART Ltd in London says: “People like natural pools because of the idea of diving into nature appeals and they look great.” However, he adds that: “This is a top end product and prices start at around £60,000”.

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