Toilet fitting

Toilet fitting is no easy job and it’s not often that the average homeowner will have the plumbing know-how to fit a toilet – so find out more about installing a toilet in your property here.

Toilet fitting

Hire a professional to fit
your toilet

Having a toilet fitted is simple once you know what you want. Advances in technology and new toilet ranges on the market, mean that there is a much larger variety to choose from, so it’s possible for anyone to find a toilet fitting that suits them. Once you’ve chosen a toilet for your home, simply hire a contractor to fit it in your bathroom.

Choose a type of toilet

There are many types and styles of toilets on the market, some of them may even surprise you. Gone are the days when the consumer is so limited in their choice – toilets now come in varieties you may never have imagined. For instance, did you know you can have a toilet fitted that burns your waste? These toilets heat up to 1800 degrees, incinerate your waste and turn it into easily disposable, germ-free ash. These toilets require very little in plumbing costs as they require no water to operate and simply need an electricity supply to heat the element.

It is possible to have a toilet fitted that is suitable for the environmentally discerning user. For instance, the dual-flush toilet which operates with a low strength flush as well as a high strength flush – reducing water consumption by up to 67%. Not only is this an environmentally wise choice, it’ll also reduce your water bills.

Power flush toilets deliver an extra 30% more power to each flush. Although these use more water, they reduce the chance of clogging and often require less maintenance. Additionally, they reduce the chance of leaks and can potentially save you money on repairs in the long term.

Consider what sort of flushing mechanism you want on yourtoilet, too. You may want to stick with the standard lever-flush, or you maychoose a pull cord or a modern push button. It’s all down to personal choice.

Cost of fitting a toilet

The cost of a toilet fixture can be anything from £100 for a basic model, increasing gradually in price up to £350 for an environmentally friendly model which can save you up to £50 a year in water bills. Generally, the more you pay for your toilet, the higher quality it will be. However, £350 – £400 is probably as much as you would want to spend and any more may be over-kill. The cost of hiring a contractor per hour varies and the overall cost will be dependent on the cost of the fixtures you wish to buy. The best way to receive a reliable quote is to ask your contractor how much they will charge for the work to be done. Compare quotes from three or more contractors to ensure your toilet fitting is done at a reasonable price.


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