Why build a flat pack house?

Flat pack homes are gaining popularity because they are stylish, cheap and quick and easy to build – find out more about why you should choose one here.

flat pack house

A flat pack home can be a stylish, cheap and easy to
install alternative to a traditionally built property

A flat pack home costs less, is easy to build, quick to erect and stylish as well. Find out more about why you should choose to build a flat pack house here.

Every year in the UK up to 10,000 choose to build their own home. They are self-builders whose properties are designed so they can build the home of their dreams for their family. Gaining a foothold into this self-build market are the flat pack homes and they are gaining ground for several good reasons.

What is a flat pack house?

A flat pack home is nothing new on the housing market as they have been around since after WWII. These homes were cramped and very inefficient to heat. Since the 1960’s flat pack or prefabricated homes have been a popular and much cheaper option for the family home. These homes are partially built in a factory then assembled on site. They are popular in Sweden and other European countries and are slowly gaining more and more popularity in the UK. The modern prefabricated or flat pack home is stylish, roomy, energy efficient and has many eco-friendly options to choose from.

What are the benefits of a flat pack house?

There are many benefits in building a flat pack home:

  • Quick to build in comparison to a traditionally built home and can be constructed in weeks rather than months

  • Easy installation as most of the house is already built and just needs assembling on site, you can even be an owner/builder, it is that easy

  • Affordable at around 10 to 25% less than building a traditional house as less onsite labour is required. The design is standardized, materials are bought in bulk and less is spent on the build site. A flat pack house UK is a good affordable choice for first time home buyers.

  • Available in bespoke designs as well as a range of standard floor plans. It is possible to create a customised and unique home, but it will cost you a bit more

  • Eco-friendly is a word synonymous with flat pack homes. They are made from renewable timber, are energy efficient, air tight and Swedish flat pack homes are made especially for cold climates so you know they are well insulated.

Building a flat pack house

There are a number of things you will need to consider when building a flat pack home as you would building any home:

  • A plot of land is needed in the area where you wish to live that is suitable for a flat pack home. Check to see if there is planning permission and if not you will need to get it. You can check this out at The Land Registry or use Plotfinder online. Plotfinder currently has plots of land in Caerphilly for £84,950, Chatham £80,000 and Bristol from £100,000.

  • Getting planning permission means you will need to submit a planning application before you can build. The planning application will cost you £335. You will also need building regulation approval.

  • Securing funding for your home can be difficult but there are specialist finance companies such as BuildStore that offer a staggered mortgage payment so you are living in your home and starting to build your new flat pack home.

  • Stamp Duty will not have to be paid if your property is worth less £60,000. If the price is between £60,000 and £250,000, stamp duty is 1% of the price. This gradually rises until it hits 4% for properties worth over £500,001

  • Warranties are available to cover the materials and the workmanship of your new home. The price varies but a good example is 1% of the property price offered by the National register of Warranted builders for a 2 year warranty.

  • When choosing your flat pack home make sure that you chose carefully and make any changes before the factory starts your build. No changes are able to made along the way like in a traditional build.

flat pack house

Flat pack homes are quick and
simple to build

Who should I buy my flat pack home from?

You are able to buy to buy German flat pack homes, Swedish flat pack homes as well as flat pack homes UK. All overseas manufacturers will ship flat packs to the UK and here are some local and overseas options:

  • Potton, Bedfordshire are a UK self-build kit home manufacturer with a good reputation as a designer and supplier. The homes are made of wood and are available in classic and contemporary designs. All kits reach the highest level of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

  • Haus UK, Hampshire supply low energy prefabricated timber homes and offer a design and management service as well

  • Scandi-Hus, Sussex are a Swedish company with branches in the UK for their eco-friendly kit homes designed in architectural styles that have triple glazing, are airtight and are well insulated.

  • Huf Haus, Surrey is a German family run business that makes prefabricated homes of extraordinary luxury and affordability. Being modular they can be customised to any design. They are also energy efficient.

  • WeberHaus, Hertfordshire supply timber homes built in Germany that are energy efficient in more than 100 designs or you can design your own home

  • Kingston Timber Frame, York design, supply and build timber kit houses, offer project management services and also do the paperwork for planning and building control application

  • Baufritz UK, Cambridge is a German company that specialises in prefabricated homes that can design, plan, build and manage the project if needed

  • IKEA sell more than 800 of their energy efficient BoKlok flat pack homes in Sweden every year. They were introduced to Europe in 2006 and in 2007 there was planning permission for over 115 to be built in Surrey.

How much do flat pack homes cost?

The least expensive flat pack homes are from IKEA where prices start around £70,000 for a one bedroom flat and rise to just over £150,000 for a three bedroom house.

Flat pack homes prices from Huf Haus start at around £350,000 for a designer modular home.

Scania-Hus has flat pack homes for every budget from £110,000 to £185,000 and a building kit will cost you £13,500 to £25,000 for construction.

nadia says:

i want to extend my front room and kitchen about 3 meters . can i do a flat pack extension and how to go about it .Thankyou

mjackson says:

Hi Nadia,

Thanks for your post.

As our contractors only work on Timber framed extensions, we recommend searching online and speaking to a local builder who can undertake a prefab (flatpack) extension.

You may need planning permission to undertake this type of work so it may also be a good idea to discuss your project with a local architect or council planning office.

We hope that this information helps.

Mark @ ServiceMagic

lil kibs says:

I wam looking for a a one bungalow for about £20,000. I want to build in in Africa where I alreay have a plot.
Please can you help?

mjackson says:


As we only operate in the UK , it would be hard for me to advise on the cost of building a house in Africa however, i would assume that it would be a lot cheaper than building a house in the UK.

It seems as though your best option would be a standard Google search which should give you an idea.

Thanks for your post.

Mark @ Servicemagic

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