Why install clay roof tiles?

Choosing the right roofing material is essential to make sure you have a sturdy, long lasting and energy efficient roof over your home.

clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles look great and are long-lasting

Clay is one of the most common materials used for roof tiles because of its value for money as well as efficiency; clay tiles also have a long lifespan even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

How durable are clay tiles?

Clay tiles have proven themselves again and again over hundreds of years since their first use. They are highly resistant to weather and will not lose their fine, earthy colours despite being the most exposed part of the house. During their lifespan, clay roof tiles are frequently exposed to rain, ultra-violet light, wind, ice and acids caused by atmospheric pollution. Their high resistance to these naturally damaging weather types makes them a popular choice for home owners. Another benefit of clay tiles is that they are fire-resistant as well as resistant to harsh chemicals and extremes of hot or cold weather.

Clay tiles improve with age

It is well known that clay tiles look better with age. They maintain their warm colours and eventually develop a weathered and mellowed look. Some manufactures even offer specially made clay tiles with a ready-made ‘weathered’ look to give your home some instant antiquity.

Clay roof tiles come in a variety of earthy colours

The colour of your clay roof tiles will make a huge difference to the overall look of your home – they will cover a massive portion of the visible area of your property – so choosing a colour you like is important. Clay tiles range in colour from bright, burnt reds to dark, earthy browns. Some tiling experts recommend you choose two or three colour types to compliment your home and give a range of warm hues to your roof. Your local planning authority may have placed restrictions on the types of clay you are allowed to source, so check with them to ensure you use a clay tile that complements your region.

How long do clay tiles last?

Clay tiles have a very reasonable life span of roughly 70 years and this can sometimes extend as long as 90 years. Although they can break from force, their durability versus the weather makes them a great choice for a long-lasting roof.

Shape of your clay roof tiles

Roof tiles come in a number of shapes and it can be worth considering which you want, because they will affect the overall look of your roof. The three shapes that are most popular are: flat, Roman, and barrel tiles. Flat clay tiles are the simplest type and are laid in regular overlapping rows. Roman shaped clay tiles are curved at each end to allow interlocking to the next tile. Finally, barrel shaped clay tiles are semi-cylindrical tiles that lock into the next one along.

Remember that the lifespan of a clay tile is influenced by the type and quality of the clay used to create it, the way it was manufactured, the dampness of the atmosphere and where the building is located – environmental factors will have an effect on the tiles lifespan. Consult a roofing professional to pick clay tiles that not only look good on your roof but are also suitable for your homes location.


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