Why use emulsion paint?

Need to do some painting but not sure which paint to use? Why not check out the range of benefits emulsion has to offer?

When you are ready to repaint a room in your home or repaint your entire house for a fresh new look, don’t dive into the job head first without looking at a few paint alternatives. One of these alternatives is emulsion. You also need to plan and prepare the walls ahead of repainting so the job looks the best it can when you are finished. If you aren’t sure about which paint is best, why not take a look at emulsion paint? Water-based emulsion paint has many advantages over the usual paint that most people choose.

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What is emulsion paint?

Emulsion paint is formed from tiny droplets of a liquid polymer that have been chemically bound to water and a chosen pigment for colour. By having a polymer present the resulting liquid is structurally dense and will not separate like oil-based paint does. So there is no need for constant mixing after the paint has sat for a short period of time. Emulsion, like other paints, is available in different degrees of shine from matt and eggshell to a gloss and a luxurious silk effect. There are also a number of other great benefits to using emulsion paints:

  • The first benefit is that a water-based emulsion is a lot less toxic than many oil-based paints, which mean there will be no nasty smells, less volatile organic compounds will be released and there will be less skin irritation

  • Emulsion does not leave you with hard to clean brushes and rollers and drops on the carpet!

  • It is easy to clean and clear up when you have finished painting. Just rinse brushes under hot water

  • Water based emulsion coalesces extremely effectively, that is, the water evaporates without distorting the sheen and colour of the final coat giving a beautiful finish

  • Exposure to water will not affect the quality or colour of emulsion

  • Emulsion is easy to apply and dries quickly, faster than other water based paints and oil-based paints. A whole room can be easily completed in one day

What is emulsion paint used for?

  • Emulsion paints are ideal for a number of different painting styles and finishes from rag rolling, stencilling and sponging to create great effects

  • Using emulsion on wood is a great use as is emulsion on indoor metal radiators. Applying emulsion to metal radiators will not affect the output of heat

  • The luxurious silk effect of emulsion paint will give you more reflection of light during the day, a perfect way to brighten darker rooms. This effect will show up any minor imperfections in walls and ceilings so you may need to prepare surfaces very well

How much does emulsion cost?

The cost of emulsion and any paint always depends on how much you need and how many coats you will need to apply. Sometimes the colour can also be part of the cost as some pigments are more expensive than others. At Homebase UK Dulux brilliant white emulsion is £13.99 for 2.5 litres. So an average room will cost less than £40 to paint. Coloured emulsion is a bit more expensive at £19.99 for 2.5 litres. This is a god value paint product to use as sometimes you can pick up 5litres of Dulux from Homebase for £15, a great product at an even greater price.

Why emulsion paint?

The benefits and the price of emulsion paint make it a good choice for all interior and exterior painting. It can be used on timber and metal surfaces as well as plaster and does not have that oil-based paint odour. Check out our painting calculator to find out how much paint you need here.

Image Source: seefilmla.com

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